Genre: Comedy
An original translation & daptation by Marisol Carrere & Gloria Zelaya, Directed by Gloria Zelaya

A comedy for the entire family about a hypocondriac named Argan, whose fears of going broke are stronger then the phobias he feels towards his imaginary illnesses. To secure his old age days in abundance, and avoid doctors's visit fees, he wants his older daughter to marry Dr. Thomas Diafoirus. But Angelique's heart is set on an aspiring singer, the leader of a latin rock band boy named Cleante, whom she met after seeing the play of Romeo & Juliet in Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park a few days ago. With the help of her clever and loyal nannie, Toinette, and her spiritually enlighten uncle Berald, Angelique has the promise of seeing her love come true. Meanwhile, Angelique's stepmother, Beline, wants her sent to study abroad to china, so she can manipulate Argan to make her his only hieress. As the story unfolds the audience learns with the Imaginary Invalid about the pros and cons of both conventional and alternative medicine, and the beauty of real love.

About the Company: Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater a.k.a THE FELT
The Latino Expermental Fantastic Theater is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit bilingual company originally founded in 1994 to strengthen and develop artistic, social and cultural awareness of Latinos in New York City.

Acknowledging that the Latino issues are co-dependent of the larger interaccion of the different ethnic groups that make up the vast spectrum of the people living in this melting pot of a city, we organically morphed into a company of Latinos (not just "for" latinos), dedicated to producing and presenting artistic works of excellence and merit to an ethnically, culturally and multi-generational diverse audience from the five boroughs that is representative of the nation's cultural tapestry.

To remain loyal to our beginnings, we are committed to producing plays in which the central stories
and characters are Latino oriented, while making sure that the themes unfold around universal truths, that reveal, address and challenge social and economic issues and concerns affecting the health and well being of the whole population of New York City. Our approach, is the response to treating the illnesseses of society with an inclusive healing process which we called Holistic Theater.

Currently we continue to redifine our mission to expand on our holistic values.

We've decided that touring with our productions to areas where the majority of the people are economically disadvantaged, and expose them to art was not enough. That taking our plays to schools and colleges was not enough. And when we asked ourselves what was missing to our mission in relation to how we feel to be a part of the problem and solution, a few brainstorming sessions gave us the answers we were seeking for

With the global warming situation attempting to get worse, we decided that, if to promote our shows we needed to use paper and kill trees, then we would not promote our shows. That simple!
But then we realized that it was way too radical, so we opted to switch to recycling paper for both, our flyers and programs. Yet, we still felt we needed to go the extra mile and reduce garbage production in general.

So we came up with our Green Marketing Campaign; Paperless Promotion, Programless Productions. Meaning, that we'll conduct our promotion efforts online, printing as little flyers as posible. And, printing as little programs as needed by our actors and theater professionals to generate credentials for their participation in our productions. Our goal is to eliminate the use of paper completely for the year of 2009.
In addition, we to seek to become the best paying theater company in town, if not the country. Because we believe that the actor is the only element that cannot miss in a play, and because we strongly believe on the healing powers of theater, we are committed to paying our local actors a wage that can support the expensive life style of our city. After all, they do live here too.

The F.E.L.T vission is to become a channel for every voice that needs to be heard in order to create a more harmonious and peaceful interaccion between the residents of New Yokr City, to create a healthy conversation about our differences and similarities which would hopefully resonnate across the world. And, to become a sustainable theater company that supports the enviroment which supports all of us.

THE FELT (previously known as L .E.f.T) has produced many original full-length productions, including PositiveWomen; a play about Latina women and AIDS, Betty's Garage; focusing on Domestic Violence, At Risk concerning Teenage Pregnancy, AIDS, Drug Abuse and Special Education; Crystal, a play reflecting the turbulent life of four urban teenagers in need of guidance and love, Evelina's Heart; a multimedia show inspired by the life andaccomplishments of Dr. Evelina Lopez Antonetty, a Puerto Rican activist and community leader, and most recently; For the Love of Liz, dealing
with the empowerment of women and world peace.

Open:   06/10/08
Close:   06/14/08

The Ultimate Latina Theater Festival;
June 10th @ 8pm
June 14th @ 3pm

Info Line : 718.720.7979
Theater:   Bank Street Theater
Address:   155 Bank Street
New York, NY 10014
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Jimmy Strano As ARGAN
14 years lead singer for The Rings hits include Standstill. Old Pair of Shoes, Who She's Loving Now Appeared in many roles for ATB most recently as Dan in Compatibility (Short rides on the Local). Ramon in Allen Davis III High Flyer Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre's A Fiesta Of Words and Music. Walkacaca in Raymond Flores' The New Millennium Tragic Comedy. Joe in David Reyes' The F Word and Gonzalez in Allen Davis III Social Insecurity. St Josephs College production of Murder in the Cathedral T.S. Elliot.Film credits include Big Daddy James in Carolina Gold, Eddie D in The Bargain. Eddie S in Expecting Broken Snow. Founding member Raccoons Acting Troupe. Productions include Barefoot in the Park, The Good bye people, Dr. Cooks Garden, The Bear and many more. Owns The Famous JIMMY'S PUB in Patchogue Long Island.
Marisol Carrere Marisol Carrere will be alternating in the role of TOINETTE

Marisol Carrere is a Hunter College Graduate with a B.A. in Theatre Arts (Cum Laude, received an Award for Excellence in Acting), was an exchange student at Le Universitè De Reims, France. Marisol is a member of SAG, AFTRA & HOLA. NY Theatre performances Include: "LA PEQUEÑA CABAÑA" (ACE 2006 Nom. Best Actress, also collaborated in translating/adapting from French to Spanish), "ROMEO AND JULIETA", "BRIEF CONVERSATIONS" (Collaborated in translating from Spanish to English), "LOS SUEÑOS DEL COQUI" (ACE Nom. Best Actress 2007), "ROOSTERS", "OEDIPUS MAX", "SECRETOS DE MUJERES" by Dinorah Coronado, R & NY, "SHADOW THEATRE" (Performer/Writer), "MESKINS/CYCLE OF LIFE & DEATH", "I LOVE RICKY" by Manuel Martin & Adolfo Vazquez, FILM & TV include: "GUIDING LIGHT", "DREAMERS", "CRACK DOWN BIG CITY BLUES", "QUE LE PARECE" Telemundo, PA for HIV on MTV, Industrials for Phillip Morris and "YOU THE JUROR" Troika Productions, various TV COMMERCIALS & PRINT ADS. Marisol is also a writer, her first play "Naked Before Me", short film "The Attack Of The Bullies" for The Latino Experimental Fantastic Theater's Educational Program, she is Director of Education/co-producer and collaborated with Gloria Zelaya in the translation/adaptation of Molière´s play "THE IMAGINARY INVALID" and in conceiving the stage production of a Domestic Violence piece "GRITANDO EN SILENCIO" (SCREAMING IN SILENCE) BY Deyanira Garcia.

Lorraine Rodriguez Lorraine Rodriguez will be alternating in the role of TOINETTE
Most recently seen in Three Sister's directed by James Dacre of Columbia University. Other theatre includes Dog Day Afternoon directed by Francisco Solarzano, K.J. Sanchez' Pants on Fire (ART Institute),

Melancholy directed by Scott Zigler (ART Institute), Romeo and Juliet (American Repertory Theatre), Dostoevsky's Demons (Moscow), The Bacchai (Moscow), award winning, World Premiere of Chained Dog, Rising Son Falling Star (78th Street Theatre Lab) directed by Francisco Solarzano, For the Love of Liz (L.E.F.T.), and her oobr award winning performance in De Donde also directed by Solarzano at The Lookingglass Theatre. Favorite roles include Marisal in Marisol, Starvling Fairy in Midsummer Nights Dream (New Perspectives Theatre Company), and Libation Bearer from The Oresteia (in ancient Greek) with Lee Brewer. Most recent TV credits: Nurse Villa in The Sopranos (HBO); Negligent Nanny (ABC Prime Time); Cookin' in Brooklyn (Discovery Learning Channel), The Making of Traps (PBS). Lorraine received her MFA from the American Repertory Theatre/Moscow Art Theatre School at Harvard University. She received her BA in Theatre Arts from Suny New Paltz. Lorraine can also be seen in Muneca, an independent film written by Christina Soto now being submitted on the festival circuit along with various commercials.

Stephanie Garay As ANGELIQUE
Stephanie started her artistic career when she was 3 years old at "USA Talents". She was known as a gifted artist child At 4 years old she obtained the title of "Miss Photogenic in "Miss Chiquita Latina". At age 8 she joined the "Mini Garibaldi Group" where she excelled in Mexican Folklore. She also studied vocal technique at Bellart Music Center". In the Superstar 2000 she wins an award with the song "Don't Cry for me Argentina". Her credits theater credits include "Animal's General Assembly" at Thalia Theater, "Where is Teeny?", "Viva Stage". Having studied Classical and Broadway Music at the Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music", Stephanie is trained in Italian, German, Spanish and English. Mss. Garay won a Medal and a grant for Eagle"U" in "Miss Teen USA", a Competition organized and sponsored by Mr. Donald Trump.

Currently she continues to perfect her folklore dance at "Mestizo Art Center. During her spare time, Stephanie is teaches folklore and modern dance to a group of children to gain donations for disabled children. She' honored to be the recipient of the "Emila Conde Award", due to her ability to interpret a song composed by the remembered Emila Conde at the City Museum of Manhattan.

Elena Adames As Beline
Elena Adames born and raised in the Bronx a bilingual Latina who strives to dominate all aspects of the entertainment industry from backstage to onstage and from behind the camera to in front of the camera. She recently completed a four month intensive acting workshop with Telemundo studying with the Academy Award nominated actress Adriana Barraza. Some of her Theatre Credits include: Hamlet, American Mamboo, Sunflower to Butterfly, The Roomate, and Semper Fidel.

Her Film credits include: Indie Short Capicu! (awarded two best short film awards), Street Revenge, and The Man with Midnight Eyes. Her TV credit includes: Control (Univision). She continues to work on her craft and is currently studying with Susan Batson in her "Gold Dust" class. She thanks all her family and friends for their continued support I love you! Oscar I see you smiling from heaven. Also, thank you to all those that have come before her and paved the way for her to explore her craft to its fullest.

  Luciano came to NY in 2002 to continue performing as a percussionist. He then was drawn to start training diverse styles of dance, which led him to start his acting career at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, after finishing his studies he is now pursuing his career in acting and keeping on with the training.


She's received several A.C.E. (Association of Theatrical Critics) Best-Acting Awards in her career, including The Lifetime-Achievement Award, for outstanding contribution to the Theater Arts. The Association of Latin Actors (HOLA) has honored her with the FOUNDERS AWARD, for her long-term commitment to Hispanic Theater in New York.

The Chameleon The Chameleon becomes DR. DIAFOIRUS, and DR. PURGON
Coined the Chameleon by a fashion photographer has ironically been a liberating label for me. And quite a distinctive seal for my acting career. In 2006, it was the multiple roles in Homosexual Files that earned me the nomination for Best Male Newcomer of the Year, by the prestigious Latin ACE Awards given to Spanish speaking actors doing theater in NYC. In 2008, the leading role of El Diablo in Las Manos de Dios, earned me the nomination for Best Actor in a Drama, ACE Awards. Currently, my chameleonic nature is expanding beyond the physical realm, as life has cast me in the role of Director of Marketing & Development for the Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater. Thought a bio couldn't be written in first person without using the singular subjective pronoun? Please send me your opinion and comments to . On the subject headline write; "Why do actors write their bios in the third person?" I dedicate today's performance to my mother, Quiri Vidal.
Gloria Zelaya Director
GLORIA ZELAYA, a resident of New York, is the Artistic Producing Director and Co-Founder of The Latino Experimental Fantastic Theater. She studied Theater Arts in France, and was honored as a Full Bright Student. Some of the theaters in which Ms. Zelaya has directed stage productions include; Intar Theater, The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, La MaMa E.T.C., The Women's Project, Theater for the New City, Duo Theater and the New World Theater. She received the Best Director ACE Award in 2006 for the French Comedy "The Little Hut", in which she collaborated in creating the Spanish adaptation, and was produced by the Latin American Theater Ensemble. Ms. Zelaya is likewise the co Theater Arts Director for Around the Block Theater, and the Program Director for Teatro El Puente. She teaches acting at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. For The Latino Experimental Fantastic Theater, she has staged many successful theatrical and educational productions like; "Positive Women", "Betty´s Garage", "Evelina´s Heart", "For the Love of Liz", and "The Missteps of a Salsa Dancer". In 1999, she was selected as one of the 50 most influencial women New York City by the newspaper El Diario La Prensa.

  GLORIA LLOMPART Movement & Dance artist & choreographer from Puerto Rico, based in NYC

since 1999. Performing and Healing Arts Educator. Current Investigation: Integrating technology & metaphysics in Performance. M.A. in Movement & Dance Studies from Wesleyan University. Has taught, choreographed & performed her work in the Caribbean, Russia and Latin America.

  Hector Marin-Arias, visual disigner, received a MFA

from Brooklyn Collage. He has disigned sets for The

Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, The Fantastic

Experinental Latino Theater, Denisarte, and

Latinoamerican Emsemble. As a painter he has exibit

his work in Europe, Latino America and New York.

  Hector Marin studied composition at the City College of New York,

from where he graduated Magna cum Laude.He received

The Mark Brunswick Composition Award, and The ASCAP

Dreyfus/Chappell/CCNY Scholarship. He composed the

music for the play "For the Love of Liz" for the

Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater. He plays lead

guitar in with his rock band, Rain of the Rock.