Genre: Drama, Kids, Festival
Author: Johannes Galli, Director: Johannes Galli, Assistant director: Tatjana Mayer

Have you ever seen a frog with a shower cap and rubber gloves as ears? Or a king putting an advertisement in the newspaper searching for a wife? Or Mr. 7-Dwarf, the all-in-one, who rescues Snow White on his own? Our kid's shows are great fun!
But fairytales are not only kid's stuff… or have you never promised to a frog to drink, eat and finally sleep together? The Galli Theatre Company NY presents fairytale plays for kids and grown-ups by award winning German playwright and director Johannes Galli, set in a modern and very funny way with a lot of music, dance and audience interaction. See our daily changing schedule of exciting plays and find out what fairytales really mean and what they tell us for our lives!

Cast: Meeni Naqvi
Open:   02/12/08
Close:   02/17/08

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Kid's shows:
Snow White: Wed Feb 13, 2pm | Sun Feb 17, 11am
Frog Prince: Sat Feb 16, 11am | Sun Feb 17, 2pm
Little Red Riding Hood: Sat Feb 16, 2pm

Shows for grown-ups:
Wed Feb 13, 7pm: Lecture with playwright Johannes Galli - Fairytales in Education
Thur Feb 14, 8pm: Johannes Galli live – The Body Language Show
Fri Feb 15, 8pm: Johannes Galli live – The Frog Prince for Grown –Ups

Theater:   Studio Theatre
Address:   410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY
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Cost:Kid's shows: $15.00, $10.00 kids; Shows for grown-ups: $ 25.-, $ 20.- for studen
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ticket Central at 212-279-4200
Presented by: Galli Theatre Company         Official Web Site: www.galli-group.com