Genre: Festival
the Writers: Don Cummings, Paul Cohen, Zetta Elliot, David Rush and David Stallings.

From the company that brought you Folie a Deux and Arpeggio
The NewBorn Festival 2008
birthing new works



MAIEUTIC THEATRE WORKS is pleased to announce The NewBorn Festival 2008; The company's second annual reading series of five new works, never before seen in New York City. Each show will have a one-time presentation at The Roy Arias Theater Center (located in the Times Square Arts Center, 300 West 43rd St). Readings begin Tuesday, January 22nd and continue through Saturday, January 26. There is a suggested donation of $5.00 at the Box Office. For reservations, please call 646-421-2897, or visit

The Fat of the Land
by Don Cummings
directed by Bradley Hagan
Tuesday, January 22nd 8pm

Who deserves the right to have children? If people are incapable of reproduction -- because of their sexual preference or because they physiologically can't - is evolution saying something? Should they take matters in their own hands or take the hint?

Mourn the Living Hector
by Paul Cohen
directed by David Stallings
Wednesday, January 23rd 8pm

In Mourn the Living Hector, we follow a soldier on leave from the war in Iraq and his surreal encounters with people and life here unaffected by the war. This is paralleled with Hector's journey through Troy the evening before his last battle. In one country, the battle takes place outside their very walls--in another... half a world away. Begging the question, must we have war at our doorstep to feel its effects?

Connor's Boy
by Zetta Elliot
directed by Michele Pace
Thursday, January 24th 8pm

After her former fiance commits suicide, Simone must decide whether or not she wants to adopt his three year old son. Is she ready to be a single mother when being a mother was something she never thought she could be? The fact that there are several other women also vying for the opportunity to adopt the boy only complicates her decision. Bringing in questions of race, sexuality, and ultimately right... Connor's Boy examines motherhood in this new age.

Tying the Knot
by David Rush
directed by Perryn Pomatto
Friday, January 25th 8pm

Three couples meet and fall in love in a country where marriage for them is not permitted. What happens when your loved one is injured but you are not allowed to visit? What happens when your loved one's life is now being decided by a distant relative? What happens when your child is taken from you because your loved one dies? This simple and eloquent play focuses on the tragic and often overlooked effects of denying gay marriage.

Daughter of Israel*
by David Stallings
directed by Cristina Alicea
Saturday, January 26th 8pm

Four young girls get drafted into the Israeli Army and are chosen to be involved in a highly dangerous unit involving Biological Warfare. In an environment without choice, these girls must grow up, find their own voices, and learn that choice not only is ultimately theirs, but always has consequences.

*There will be a Closing Night Party after the reading of Daughter of Israel, at The View Theatre (located at The Roy Arias Theatre Center). There is a $20.00 suggested donation for this event.

About the Company: Manhattan Theatre Works

Started producing thought-provoking new plays in the Fall of 2006 with Folie A Deux: Insanity in Pairs written by founder and Artistic Director David Stallings, directed by founder and former Executive Director Cristina Alicea, produced by founder Antonio Minino. What started as a trio of like-minded artists has grown into a family of over 50 talented MTWorkers dedicated to developing new ground-breaking diverse plays from around the world. MTWorks is dedicated to discovering new plays that challenge our perception of diversity (ethnic, economic, geographic, gender, sexuality or creed). We foster today’s innovative playwrights who boldly take risks in theme, structure, time-period and location by collaborating with exceptional theatre artists to develop their plays through our Living Room Series, Newborn Festival and mainstage productions.

Open:   02/22/08
Close:   02/26/08

All readings start at 8pm
Theater:   Roy Arias Theaters
Address:   300 W. 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:$5.00 suggested donation
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