Genre: Musical
This African American urban mega-church gospel musical is inspired by the book of Ester OT.

This new gospel musical stageplay is inspired by the Old Testament Book of Esther. Set in an African-American urban "mega-church" outside a major city, Who Do You Love? weaves the story of a young woman who moves in with her Uncle Mordecai and acclimates herself to a fresh start. She soon discovers her new church, its charismatic Reverend, and the devastating challenges the congregation is facing due to bad business tactics and corporate influences. As the church struggles to re-grow under the supervision of the Reverend, and the impending threat to the people of the church increases due to the conspiring mind of Councilman Hanes (who represents all things evil in the world), Hadassah must balance her new found love with the Reverend and decide whether to risk everything by taking a stand for the church or whether to simply walk away from her faith.

Cast: Cinti Laird as Sister Shirley the Radio Announcer, Cinti Laird as Sister Shirley the Radio Announcer, Cinti Laird as Sister Shirley the Radio Announcer, Okema Moore as Hadassah
Preview:   12/16/07
Open:   12/18/07
Close:   01/19/08

Tuesday through Saturdays at 8pm.
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Theater:   Richmond Shepard Theatre
Address:   309 E. 26th Street (between 1st & 2
New York, NY
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Cost:$25.00, $15.00 Students and Seniors
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