Genre: Comedy, Drama, Lesbian+Gay, Festival
Featuring 18 Premiere plays by emerging playrights

Series A
The List by Kristyn Leigh Robinson, directed by Molly Marinik
Max loves football. He really loves it. But when Jenny, his wife of two years, announces that she has a date, will he realize what's really important?
With Scott Katzman and Maya Rosewood

Water and Discarded Hair by Jessamyn Fiore, directed by Kel Haney
She cuts his hair. He'll break her heart. Two people trying to finally connect after years of a unrequited passion and mistakes.
With Tracee Chimo* and Will Connell*

National Treasure by Jon Spano, directed by Derek Jamison
A malodorous occurrence forges an unlikely bond between Barry and Melissa, two strangers who meet at the Lyceum Theatre for a memorial tribute to the late, great stage actress Lydia North. As Barry and Melissa discover the deeper meanings of human frailty, secrets are revealed and illusions shattered.
With Valerie David and Marc Garber*

Tom Cruise, Get Off the Couch by Kevin Brofsky, directed by Aimee Howard
Charlie brings home Tim for a romantic tryst, probably because he thinks Tim looks like his idol, Tom Cruise. Charlie's night of fantasy, however, is sabotaged by his big friendly dog.
With Kaolin Bass*, Joe MacDougall* and Jason O'Connell*

Emily Breathes by Matt Casarino, directed by Ryan Hilliard
A young man confronts a priest in a confessional, determined to reconcile their difficult past before he leaves the country.
With Hunter Gilmore* and Greg Homison

Astray by Corey Rieger, directed by Robert Cambeiro
An eccentric senior citizen finds herself in the middle of a custody battle of the strangest proportions.
With Jane Altman*, Ron Bopst* and William Reinking*

Series B

Clothes Encounter by David Almeida and Stephen J. Miller directed by Nick Micozzi
After a chance meeting on a nude beach, a couple has their first date in clothes.
With Amy Bizjak* and Bryan Kaplan

Den of Iniquity by Patrick Gabridge, directed by Ian Streicher
Gerald sneaks off to an illicit studio where people come to try one of the most addictive of habitsâ€"writing -- until his wife comes pounding on the door.
With Andrea Alton*, Jess Phillips and Wiliam Reinking*

Layout by Richard Ploetz, directed by Paul Adams
What happens when a longtime colleague you've had an unspoken attraction to broaches the subject?
With Laura Dillman* and Nick Ruggeri*

Lucky Day by Mark Lambeck directed by Jonathan Warman
An insomniac Broadway dresser clashes with a depressed actuary on the roof of their apartment building in this offbeat comedy in which two strangers from different worlds discover they have more in common than either could have suspected.
With Wayne Henry and Karen Stanion

UnEmbalmed by Joe Byers, directed by Carter Inskeep
Two strangers grieving the same child's death must make peace with each other before either one can find peace.
With Kamran Kahn, Tim Seib and Jacqueline Sydney*

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket by Carol Mullen, directed by Ned Thorne
Adam Walker's last few inventions have been plagued with problems, and he's got a debt he can't afford to pay. But when James, the handsome "collection agent," comes by to settle Adam's account, will it be sparks or bullets that fly?
With Desmond Dutcher* and Jeff Auer

Series C

The Adventures Of by Kathleen Warnock, directed by Deb Guston
Tune in to "The Adventures of..." to join Maggie, Commander Zoron and Prince Kal as they fight for truth, justice, and the right to homoerotic subtext!
With Will Clark, Nicholas Lazzaro and Jennifer Joy Pawlitschek

For the Good of the Nation by Jeff Hollman, directed by Eric Chase
A number of government agents about to undertake a "wet" mission, an operation that will cause the deaths of people, fall into a state of confusion and chaos as they discover that the codes they have been given have been mis-remembered or are just plain wrong.
With Enid Cortes, Brian Heinds, Paul Herbig, Justin Maruri*, and Jason O'Connell*

The Gipper by Peter Levine, directed by Deb Guston
A middle-aged New York Jewish couple, married 40 years, prepare for their weekly summer picnic in Central Park but the subject of death - their deaths - intrude - somewhere between the pickled herring and the rice pudding.
With Vivian Meisner* and Peter Treitler*

Martin, Are You Mad At Me? by Colette Herbstman, directed by Samantha Manas
At a popular West Village restaurant good friends, Martin and Marilyn, are enjoying dinner. When Martin becomes outraged and offended when he overhears his waiter talking about him. Can the strength of Martin and Marilyn's friendship salvage what shreds of Martin's ego remain or is he destined to a life of ordering take-out, never to set foot in another restaurant again?
With Deb Armelino, Marc Castle* and Nicholas Lazzaro

Safe by D.W. Gregory, directed by Ian Streicher
A suburban couple fights for a sense of control over their lives as a sniper terrorizes their neighborhood with a series of random killings.
With Tom Greenman and Janelle Lannan

Pithy, Enticing, Appellation by Chris Widney, directed by Melissa Attebery
Desperate to get their clearly troubled, hopeless, loser son admitted, two nouveau riche parents shamelessly stroke the pompous, old headmaster of one of the most prestigious, inexplicably British sounding prep schools in the country.
With Jason Alan Griffin*, Jason Hare, Lue McWilliams*, Emily Mitchell and Peter Waldren
About the Company: Emerging Artists Theatre Company

Founded in 1993, the mission of EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE is to provide a dynamic home for emerging writers and artists, to develop their work from an idea to a fully realized production.

In the past 16 years, EAT has premiered over 275 new works, garnered a Drama Desk Award nomination for Capathia Jenkins in (Mis)Understanding Mammy: The Hattie McDaniel Story, received the American Theatre Wing Award for Consistent Excellence in Theatre, and was named Best Off Off Broadway Theater Company in NYC for Actors to Work With by Back Stage.

During its 2009- 2010 season, under the Artistic Direction of Paul Adams, EAT will showcase over two-dozen new works.

Open:   10/16/07
Close:   11/04/07

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Thursdays at 7 pm – Series C
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