Genre: Drama
by Josh Liveright, directed by Paul Smithyman

Set in a totalitarian state during the final days of a violent civil war, a cynical and opportunistic journalist finds himself trapped in an abandoned apartment with a teenage sniper determined to keep fighting to her last breath. Suspicious at first, each eventually learns the other is quite different from their initial impressions. Slowly, as the world continues to explode outside, the two attempt to move beyond their deep-seated fears and prejudices. As the play "illuminates" previously hidden sides of these two people, it also shines a spotlight on the conditions that have brought them to this point in time. In the end, each is profoundly changed by the other.

Cast: Mark Schulte and Freya Fox.

This production is NOT open for review

Open:   10/04/07
Close:   10/15/07

Thursday-Monday at 8pm
Theater:   Interart Theatre
Address:   500 West 52nd Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$15.00 (Suggested Donation) or Call: at 212-604-4505