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2nd Annual NY Clown Theatre Festival

From the people that brought you the 1st clown theatre festival in New York in over 20 years, comes the 2nd Annual New York Clown Theatre Festival. We will be presenting over 20 main stage productions, several cabarets, and a series of lectures and workshops by some of the top clowning professionals in the world, including Sue Morrison (European and Native American Clowning Guru) and Giovanni Fusetti (renowned international clown teacher from Padua, Italy), among others.
The festival kicks off on October 5th with the Clown Subway Parade on the L Train from Manhattan to Williamsburg, culminating in a massive Pie-Fight and Cabaret at the Brick Theater! Later events will include a clown-v-clown smack down Clown Olympics and a bedlam-inducing beverage-imbibing Clown Bar Hop!

Where: the Brick Theater, 575 Metropolitan Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

When: Festival begins on Friday, October 5 and runs through the 28th of October.

Cost: Shows are 12$, classes vary in price, and all events are absolutely FREE.

For more information visit www.bricktheater.com or our myspace page www.myspace.com/nyclowntheatrefestival

Open:   10/05/07
Close:   10/05/07

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Below are a complete listing of the Events and Shows taking place during the Festival.


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On Friday, October 5th the NY CLOWN THEATRE FESTIVAL will kick off with our 2nd annual opening day parade! Anyone and everyone is invited to join the city's finest clowns, jugglers, stilt-walkers, and more as they gather at Union Square at 4:30, departing by 5:30 via the "L" train for the Bedford Ave. stop. Everyone will then march to The Brick Theater for a massive public pie fight to be held at 7:45. Red noses and pies will be handed out. The pie fight will be followed by a Clown Cabaret previewing festival highlights at 10:30pm. All events are FREE.
bricktheater.com, myspace.com/nyclowntheatrefestival
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The NY Clown Theatre Festival in association with the Downtown Clown Revue presents the first-ever CLOWN OLYMPICS!! Watch world-class clowns compete for 'gold' and 'glory'. Event highlights include Slapstick, Eccentric Dance, and, of course, Synchronized Kiddy Pool Swimming. The Olympics will be followed by a Clown Cabaret at 10:30, featuring festival highlights as well as a bevy of outstanding original acts. At the Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Thurs., October the 18th at 8:00 pm. All events are FREE.
www.bricktheater.com, myspace.com/nyclowntheatrefestival
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Put on your best clown nose, slip on those big shoes and celebrate the 2nd annual NY Clown Theatre Festival in style! Join in the fun and frivolity with these red nosed pros as they spread the mirth and merriment with a massive late night bar crawl. Watch the hipsters scatter as this horde of clowns drink their way through Williamsburg. The
Bar Crawl will commence on Friday, October the 19th at 11pm in Williamsburg, at Makri Park (462 Union Ave., near Metropolitan Ave.), and will move on from there.
bricktheater.com or myspace.com/nyclowntheatrefestival
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All good things must come to an end, and the 2nd annual NY Clown Theatre Festival is no exception. The finale of this years' festival will be appropriately mourned by all with a Clown Funeral. Mourners of all shapes and sizes are invited to join in the Fellini-esque procession of clowns, widows, and stilt-walkers, which will march from the Bedford stop in Williamsburg to the Brick Theatre. The Maestrosities will provide suitably somber clown music. The Funeral will begin at 6:30p.m. at the Bedford stop (Bedford and North 7th) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


THE ART OF SILENT SCREEN COMEDY (Ben Model) New York City (2 hours) Join Ben Model, noted film historian and MoMA silent film accompanist for THE ART OF SILENT SCREEN COMEDY. Model will show short films and clips of the great clowns of the silent screen, and will talk about the history and origins of the timeless visual and physical humor in film. www.silentfilmmusic.com or www.silentfilmmusic.blogspot.com_Sat, Oct. 13th 1:30-3:30pm

BOUFFON GLASS MENAJOREE(Ten Directions) NEW YORK CITY(60 minutes) Gentlemen callers beware: The Wingfields plume their nest with broken glass, twisted morals, and perverted minds. Each night a new audience member will get to play the role of Jim. Tom, Amanda, and Laura claim no responsibility for your hurt feelings or offended sentiments. Why would anyone do this to an American Masterpiece? Written by the performers, Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree, Aimee Leigh German and director, Eric Davis. Nominated for 4 NY Innovative Theatre Awards. www.bouffonglassmenajoree.com Fri., Oct. 13th 10:30pm

BUBKUS (Jesse Buck, Michael John Dubue) CANADA (60 minutes) Bubkus is a simple story of mythical proportions featuring monsters, hero and (of course) damsel in distress. Using only a blanket, a pillow and a toothbrush, Jesse Buck takes the audience through a story about imagination by transforming into its many characters. Written by the performer, Jesse Buck, and Michael John Dubue, directed by Adam Lazarus. FAMILY FRIENDLY. www.jessebuck.com Sat., Oct. 6th, 3:30pm, Sun., Oct. 7th 8:30pm, & Mon., Oct. 8th 7pm

BURNT UMBER (The Combustibles) NEW YORK CITY (60 minutes) When global disaster strikes, two clown secretaries piece their world together and go on working. Tami and Tamari take you to the 27th floor, where small disasters happen everyday and larger problems loom. Burnt Umber is a wacky, dark show inspired by Beckett and many hours temping. The Combustibles, a Lecoq-trained duo, provoke, inspire, and delight. Created by the performers Anne Sorce, Liza Zapol and director Rachel Eckerlind. www.thecombustibles.com_Sun., Oct. 14th 5:30pm, Tues., Oct. 16th 7pm, Sat., Oct. 20th 10:30pm.

CHICHE CAPON’S CABARET (Associates Les Nouveaux Gitans) FRANCE(90 minutes) A show for kids lost in adult clothes, or adults who've kept point of view and sensibility of youngsters, this show presents a gallery of characters successively fragile, possessive, jealous, authoritarian, candid and magnanimous. In search of beauty and harmony, they're looking for meaning to life and to time's race. Created and performed by: Frédéric Blin , Matthieu Pillard, Richard Lo Giudice, and Patrick de Valette. www.leschichecapon.com Fri., Oct. 12th 10:30pm, Sat. Oct. 13th 8:30pm, Sun., Oct 14th 3:30pm, Tues., Oct 16th 10pm, Wed., Oct17th, 7pm ***FINAL SHOW PERFORMED IN FRENCH

CIRCUS MINIMUS-THE ONE-MAN-CIRCUS-IN-A-SUITCASE (Circus Minimus) NEW YORK CITY (60 minutes) FAMILY SHOW! From Kevin O’Keefe’s suitcase an entire circus emerges: tent, band, lights, the boisterous ringmaster Steve Fitzpatrick, and many more. However, the most important performers emerge from the audience. Each performance becomes a dialogue between the characters and the audience—a light-hearted collaboration. Created by performer Kevin O’Keefe with directors Barbara Karger & Erin Maile O'Keefe. Special pricing for kids. Also see his workshop Circus Yoga for Families. www.circusminimus.com Adult tickets $6, Ages 4-12 $4 Sat,. Oct. 13th Noon, Sun., Oct. 14th Noon

THE CLOWNS OF VAUDEVILLE (Trav. S. D.) NEW YORK (60 minutes) Throughout the vaudeville through the middle of the twentieth century, most of America's favorite comedians were clowns. Trav S.D., author of NO APPLAUSE, JUST THROW MONEY: THE BOOK THAT MADE VAUDEVILLE FAMOUS (and also performing (TRAV S.D.: A JERK IN PROGRESS in the festival) will address this spectrum of performers, from the once-famous but now obscure like Ed Wynn, Joe Cook, Harry Langdon and Clarke & McCullough to luminaries such as Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields and Red Skelton. In a style both humorous and enlightening, he'll trace the rise and fall of Vaudeville and its recent resurrection, and offer some theories as to why late twentieth century audiences turned away from greasepaint. www.el.net/mountebanks/travsd.html Sat., Oct 27th 2pm

COPS (EFS) CATALAN, SPAIN (65 minutes) The non-verbal/mimetic clowns of EFS bring their popular show to premiere in the U.S. Three characters give their opinion on policing. Law and disorder! Some shooting practice, a robbery in a museum, an infiltration in the mafia, a surrealist interrogation...You will enjoy this show and its gags so much that you will not stop laughing. Created and performed by Ferran Aixala ,Jaume Jove,Jordi Huete. Directed by Caroline Dream & Alex Navarro. www.cops.encarafaremsalat.com Sat., Oct. 6th 10pm, Sun., Oct. 7th 2pm, Mon., Oct. 8th 8:30pm, Wed., Oct. 10th 9pm

CLOWNIFORNIA (The Damsels /Jeff Seal) CALIFORNIA/NEW YORK (60 minutes) Two California trained groups share this night of shorts. Damsel’s Demise features the girlie girl, in love with her mannequin boyfriend, and the tomboy, playing war games in her cardboard fort, are polar opposites connected in a world of ferocious play, deep companionship, and perilous betrayal. Created and performed by Suzanne Santos and Summer Shapiro. A Sudden Gust of Gravity features one clown's existential journey through quantum and theoretical physics, his obsession with gravity, and his heroic attempt to defy it by jumping off of the Earth. If he ignores gravity, will it in turn forget about him? Probably not, but he'll be wearing padding and knows how to take a fall. Fri., Oct. 12th 7pm, Sat., Oct. 13th 4pm, Sun., Oct. 14th 10pm

DILL & DIGER (Vestlandske Teatersenter) NORWAY (45minutes)_FAMILY SHOW! This classic comedy duo (except for the refreshing fact that they’re female!) is accompanied by a lively washtub bass player. The duo decide to picnic in the park together, but everything that can go wrong does. It’s Vaudeville meets Beckett meets Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. The Play was developed in cooperation between Vestlandske Teatersenter and the New York clown Peter Daniel Straus. The show is almost without words, and appeals to people in all ages. Created by performers Camilla Svingen, Margareth Hosoy with director Peter Daniel Straus. Also featuring musician Lars Sveinung Lid. Sat., Oct. 6th 6pm, Sun., Oct. 7th 10pm.

GRANDMA SPEAKS: BARRY LUBIN OF BIG APPLE CIRCUS (60 minutes) Barry Lubin has been clowning forever, but professionally since 1974. With Ringling for 5 seasons, he has appeared in various films, television, circuses, and theatrical productions, and recently in a number of European circuses. Barry is now appearing at Lincoln Center in the 30th Anniversary edition of the Big Apple Circus. Barry was inducted into the International Clown Hall of Fame in 2002, and still basically has no idea what he is doing or how he has managed to fool people into hiring him for the past 33 years. He will share his experience of working in professional clowning in a circus ring in America versus Taiwan, Budapest, Rome, Munich, and Monte Carlo FREE EVENT! Sun., Oct 21st 9pm

THE GLORIES OF GLORIA REVUE (Mooky) CANADA (75 minutes) Gloria’s a triple threat: she can sing, dance and turn cartwheels. And if she doesn’t know how to do something, she’ll fake it. Mooky, as Gloria, bumbles her way through a series of theatrical vignettes, puppetry and video segments while her dream of being a star becomes reality. Mooky’s credits include, lead clown in Cirque du Soleil’s, Varekai, the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, and The New Pickle Circus. Sun., Oct. 21st 3:30pm, Wed., Oct 24th 9pm, Sat., Oct. 27th 8pm, Sun., Oct. 28th 3:30pm

LESTER AND LOUIS SAVE THE WORLD (FreeWheelin’ Theatre) KENTUCKY (50 minutes) The end is nigh! Civilizations only hope for survival lies in the hands of Lester and Louie, and Louie’s a chair (hence, no hands). Blood, sweat, fistfights and Mexicans are all a part of the plan to help Lester not only save the world, but himself. Come to the forest, and let laughter save your soul. Created and performed by Justin and Rachael Dobring, directed by Rachael Dobring. Fri., Oct. 19th 8:30pm, Sat., Oct. 20th 5pm, Sun., Oct. 21st 2pm

THE MAESTROSITIES: THE COOLEST BAND EVER! (Maestrosities) NEW YORK CITY (70 minutes) If no one tells these clowns how stupid they are they will continue to tour the world, believing that they are, indeed, "The Coolest Band Ever!" Inspiring Resilience or Obstinate Mediocrity? You decide. Just try arguing that it wouldn't be pretty cool to see Material Girl and Turning Japanese performed on tuba, ukulele, trumpet, clarinet, accordion and spoons! Created and performed by David Gochfeld, Glen Heroy, Roderick Kimball, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Gina Samardge, and Andy Sapora. www.maestrosities.com Wed., Oct. 24th 7pm, Fri., Oct. 26th 9pm, Sat., Oct. 27th noon, Sun., Oct 28th 5pm.

MOVING TARGET (Empty Oven Theatre and The Theatre Resource Centre) CANADA (60 minutes) Flam St. Cyr is back and wound tighter than ever. She's in the ambivalent process of daydreaming her life back from devastating illness, with only the company of a 2nd hand radio. However, out of the bowels of somewhere she pulls out the one true thing that gives her permission to get on with it. Created by performer Erin Bouvey and director Sue Morrison. www.myspace.com/flamstcyr Sat., Oct. 6th 8pm, Sun., Oct. 7th 4pm, Tues., Oct. 9th 7pm, Thurs., Oct. 11th 8:30pm

NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Funeeestuff Productions) FLORIDA (80 minutes) If actions speak louder than words, this show screams fun!” This word-free comedy can be understood in any language. Whether he’s changing his clothes, setting the table, or just sitting down, you’re guaranteed to have fun. Rob Torres has a unique way of finding absurdity in common everyday tasks. If you’re looking for laughter, this is where you’ll find it. Created and performed by Rob Torres, directed by Avner Eisenberg. funeeestuff.com Sat., Oct. 6th Noon, Sun., Oct. 7th 5:30pm, Wed., Oct 10th 7pm

PATATRAC (CRASH, CRACK, BANG) (Delikatessenduo) ITALY (60 minutes) After touring all over Europe Patatrac travels from Italy to make their U.S. début! This show features a comic-musical duel between two clown-musicians. They create innovative musical instruments, with mime and physical comedy . The end is a love story. Created and performed by Moreno Raspanti, Christina Glogowsky Family Friendly Show. www.delikatessenduo.com/ _ un., Oct. 14th 2pm, Tues., Oct. 16th 8:30pm, Fri., Oct. 19th 10pm, Sat., Oct. 20th 2pm.

RED BASTARD (Eric Davis and Sue Morrison) NEW YORK CITY (60 minutes) Red Bastard is New York's King of Fools! This one-man bouffon show stars critically acclaimed cult icon, Red Bastard as a grotesque, yet disarmingly charming creature, whose enormous ego is matched only be his colossal red ass. Highly interactive, Red Bastard's performances are a dialogue with the audience where anything could happen. Marvel as this impish ton of fun mocks the institutions of theatre, education, American pop-culture and politics. www.redbastard.com Sat., Oct. 13th 7pm

RIDICULOSITY (The Glass Contraption) NEW YORK CITY (60 minutes) See Ted juggle 65 chain saws, light himself on fire, hold his breath for twenty minutes and then turn himself inside out!? A drama, a comedy, an epic! Hailed as "theatrical, lyrical and poetical on the one hand and controlled chaos on the other", The Glass Contraption takes you inside the beautifully stupid and wildly funny world of the clown. A New York premiere. Created by the ensemble: Katie Down, Robert Grant, Andy Grotelueschen, Piper Harrell, Catherine Mueller, Justine Williams, and with director Virginia Scott. www.glasscontraption.org Fri., Oct. 19th 7pm, Sat., Oct. 20th Noon, Sun., Oct. 21st 5pm

SAVAGE AMUSEMENTS (Daredevil Chicken Club) GERMANY (50 minutes) A Transylvannian mail-order bride caught in Florida finds herself having to make ends meet. Known as the Gymnastic Genie in her home country, Svetlana Flamingo resurrects her old acts to wow the crowd with her "physical stuntings." An accomplished splitski-ologist performs The Rings of Despair, The Upside Down Flamingo, Squished Bug and The Ternal Dance of Fluffy Pink. Through her re-invention of former glories, she finds the key to freedom from the trailer park. Created and performed by Anne Goldman. www.svetlanashow.com Sat., Oct. 20th 6:30pm, Sun., Oct. 21st Noon, Tues., Oct. 23rd 7pm

SOLO: A TWO-PERSON SHOW (Under the Table Theatre) NEW YORK CITY (60 minutes) As two brothers find themselves suddenly lost in a ridiculous puzzle about their own lives, they become entangled in colliding worlds of fantasy, reality, and memory! This insightful physical comedy takes the audience on an intelligent journey of imagination and play, through steamy jungles and bitter cold! The race is on to figure out what may or may not have just happened as they sort through the details of their last moments together. Created and performed by Matt Chapman and Josh Matthews. Creative consultant Ronlin Foreman. www.underthetabletheatre.org Sun., Oct. 21st 8pm, Fri., Oct. 26th 10:30pm, Sat., Oct. 27th 3:30pm

Tápate/COVER YOURSELF (Pez En Raya) CATALONIA/ ANDALUSIA SPAIN (90 minutes) This award winning tragicomedy has toured all of Europe and is performing in the USA for the first time. Yoli, a local woman, has murdered her husband. The entire police force is in pursuit. All airport, stations, borders and bridges have been closed. The famous Holloway prison awaits her arrival. She wants to prove the whole world that her crime was a simply domestic accident, a mishap, a misunderstanding... Created and performed by Cristina Medina & Joan Estrader. Directed by David Sant. Thurs., Oct. 25th 7pm, Fri., Oct. 26th 7pm, Sat., Oct. 27th 6pm **FINAL SHOW IN SPANISH

TRAV S. D.: A JERK IN PROGRESS (Mountebanks) NEW YORK CITY (60 minutes) Vaudeville host, comedian and author Trav S.D. (NO APPLAUSE, JUST THROW MONEY: THE BOOK THAT MADE VAUDEVILLE FAMOUS, Faber & Faber, 2005) presents his first solo clown show, developed with, and directed by Maggie Cino (Ascending Bodily, New York International Fringe Festival). www.el.net/mountebanks/travsd.html Thurs., Oct. 25th 9pm

UNDER THE SKIFF (Three Times Nothing/InterAction) NEW YORK/FRANCE (60 minutes) Two clowns wait in the barren immigration office of a strange country, in hopes that their papers will be approved. The audience is taken into their stream of anxious, confused consciousness as they play out daydreams of paperwork hurricanes, tales of epic struggle, government surveillance carnivals, and various fantasies of catastrophe. Inspired by Hemingway’s 'The Old Man and the Sea' this lyrical farce is told in the Lecoq School's poetic clown style and created by an partnership of artists committed to exploring the absurdity and pathos of the human situation. Created and performed by Maja Bieler and Jenny Sargent. www.myspace.com/undertheskiff Tues., Oct. 9th 8:30pm, Sat., Oct. 13th, 5:30pm, Sun., Oct. 14th 7pm

ZEN CABARET: A CONTEMPLATIVE BURLESQUE (Nina Rolle) COLORADO (60 minutes) Zen Cabaret is the illegal marriage of Buddhist contemplative art and lowbrow humor. Enchanting music, sexy clowns, homemade instruments, accordions and Absurdist Retail Therapy come together to form a new hybrid genre: Sonic Theater. Nina Rolle is hilariously seductive – or seductively hilarious - as the charlatan-emcee of this traveling medicine show. Performed by Nina Rolle,Liz Stanton, Davina Cohen, Gleason Bauer, Ashley Hughes and Jessica Cerullo, as Zen Wrangler and Retail Therapist Sat., Oct. 6th 2pm, Sun., Oct. 7th 7pm, Thurs., Oct. 11th, 7pm, Sun., Oct. 14th 8:30pm

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