Genre: Drama, Dance
by Heather Harpham, Shinichi Iova-Koga, and Cassie Terman

Cassie Terman and Heather Harpham, improvisational performers and senior teachers of Action Theater (and joined on Saturday night by Butoh star Shinichi Iova-Koga), rouse a dreamlike and immediate world out of thin air. Combining the physicality of dancers and the narrative power of writers, Terman and Harpham create their work together spontaneously, allowing scenes and situations to develop into vividly embodied vignettes. Each night will be a new and entirely unique piece of theater, crafted in the moment.

Cassie and Heather have been performing for, or with, one another since the age of 10, most recently performing in Company So No Go's Art of Memory, presented by Ontological Hysterical Theater's INCUBATOR FESTIVAL at St. MarkÕs Church. The New York Times called their performance Òbewitching...great fun!Ó and OffOffOnline described the work as Òdisarmingly entertaining...athletic, compact, and often hypnotic.Ó

Open:   10/12/07
Close:   10/13/07

Friday and Saturday at 8 PM
Theater:   CRS
Address:   123 4th Avenue
New York, NY
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Cost:$15.00, $12.00 Students and Seniors
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