Genre: Comedy, Festival
By a variety of artists, as part of the Alice in Wonderland Puppet Festival

The last performance of the festival will be a hoot! Crazy puppet artists from all over the city will come together to put up the most insane production of Alice ever staged. Each artist has been assigned a chapter from the book and can do with that chapter whatever they want. They have no idea what the rest are doing and they shouldn't care. Then, we perform the pieces back to back in order of the story and see what happens! Artists on board already include The Josh & Tamra Show, Howie Leifer, David Michael Friend, Evan Laurence, the Puppet State Players and Claire Beaudreault, with many more to come...

For festival information: http://www.dramaofworks.com/alice

Open:   10/06/07
Close:   10/07/07

“Kamikaze Puppet Alice” plays on 10/6 and 10/7 at 7pm.
Theater:   Here Arts Center
Address:   145 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013
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Closest subway: C,E to Spring Street; south to theatre

Cost:$18.00; $15.00 when buying more than one
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ovation at 212-352-3101
Company: Drama of Works         Official Web Site: www.dramaofworks.com