Genre: Drama
©Leah Reddy
Playwright: Creighton James, Director: Adam Arian

New York Theatre Experiment is proud to open its fourth season with the world premiere of playwright Creighton James' Burn, presented as part of the 11th Annual New York International Fringe Festival. Continuing the Appalachian trilogy begun with James' Feud, a hit at FringeNYC 2005, New York Theatre Experiment presents this chilling ghost story for adults sown from the darkest hours of America's past.

In an era where horror films are getting increasingly more graphic and disturbing to satiate the collective appetite, New York Theatre Experiment wants audiences to remember sometimes the truth is a whole lot more awful than what folks dream up. No story of ghosts and devils and hillsides running with blood could be more terrifying than the horror of our own bloody American history. What our audience will learn is that our past cannot be escaped: that nothing stays dead, and nothing is more tragic than humanity at its worst.

Cast: Tory Andrus, Leon Brown, Will Brunson, Pierce Cravens , Jeannine Frumess, Cj Gelfand , Don Guillory, Amy Hattemer , Derek Wilson , Liz Wisan, Jason Yachanin
Open:   08/11/07
Close:   08/26/07

SATURDAY 8/11 @ 9:45 PM
THURSDAY 8/16 @ 4:00 PM
SUNDAY 8/19 @ 5:45 PM
WEDNESDAY 8/22 @ 9:30 PM
SUNDAY 8/26 @ 4:30 PM
Theater:   Lafayette Street Theatre
Address:   45 Bleecker Street (at Lafayette St
New York,
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