Genre: Drama
Adapted by BRIDGETTE DUNLAP, Based on three stories by JUDY BUDNITZ

LONG DISTANCE consists of three short plays. In SKINCARE, Amy's little sister went off to college and caught leprosy; in VISITORS, Meredith's parents won't ask for directions and don't know an ax murderer when they see one; and in FLUSH, Lisa's mom will get out of her mammogram even if she has to break the laws of space and time to do it. These funny and frightening plays ask us: how do you protect a loved one from a chaotic universe?
About the Company: Ateh Theatre Group

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Open:   08/09/07
Close:   09/01/07

Thursdays at 8PM
Fridays at 8PM
Saturdays at 8PM
Theater:   Chashama 111 Theater
Address:   217 East 42nd St
New York, NY 10017
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