Genre: Drama
©Raul Santiago Sebazco
Written and Directed by Frances Lozada Co directed by Raul Santiago Sebazco

A man commits murder and his life starts to unravel before our very eyes. Everything is what it seems...or is it? You decide.

Cast: Raul Sebazco-Artistic Director
Open:   10/21/07
Close:   10/21/07

Sun Oct 21 at 3pm (Matinee show)
Theater:   Helen Mills Theater
Address:   137-139 W 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
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Cost:$20 in advance $25 at the door
Buy Tickets Online or Call: email at all4theater@yah
Frances Lozada Divina/Wife
Frances Lozada debuts her second play the Insiders. She has written various plays and independent scripts. She is an actress who writes and directs her own materials. She produced her first play "The Dancing Queen" which had a successful run. She is a professional Mambo/Salsa dancer who has even opened for Wynton Marsalis. She has recently appeared in various films 'Muneca' written by Christina Soto and 'Surrender' written and directed by Damian Bailey. She would like to thank her husband Frank for all his support and her family and friends for standing by her each step of the way. She will continue to tell stories and send out positive messages through her work.
Franky G John
Franky G has appeared in various films with actors like Dustin Hoffman, Andy Garcia, Marc Walhberg, and Charlize Theron. Films include 'Confidence', 'Italian Job', and 'Saw II'. He has appeared on a few television shows like 'Jonny Zero' and 'Smith' starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen. He is always looking for good scripts and challenging characters to play. He has appeared in several off-off Broadway productions like 'Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie' and 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest'. He has recently played a Poet in a Romantic Play called 'The Promised Moon' starring himself and his wife, actress Frances Lozada. He is happy to be part of this production and is happy to be see it performed. He would like to thank his wife for all her creativness and imagination and the ability to take a chance. He would also like to thank his family for all their love and support.

Carlos Lozada Johnny
Carlos has appreared in various plays and indie films. He just graduated from Stonybrook College with an Acting/Drama degree. This is his debut with the Insiders and he is happy to be part of such a great and talented cast. He hopes to achieve his dream of becoming an actor and will continue to hone his craft and keep it alive. He would like to thank his sister Frances for guiding him into this path and he wants to thank his mom and the rest of his family and friends for their support.
Anthony Alvaira Narrator
Antonio Alvaira was born in Madrid , Spain who grew up in the Philippines , and Migrated to the U.S. in fulfillment of his parent's hopes and dreams. Shortly after High School Antonio left Queens to join the Military only to discover after auditioning for American Talent & Model Company he found his passion for the Performing Arts. After extensive workshops with mentors Writer & Director Frances Lozada, and Luis Pedron CEO of learned the Craft. After many auditions he finally landed his first lead role in a Philippine Independent Film. He then went on to appear on The Filipino Channel (TFC) in a Lea Salonga music video, American Industrial Commercial, One Life to Live, and voice over appreance for up coming Hip-Hop artist Sky Point. Antonio interned as a Production Assistant for LFP Production, G Shock Production, working on Indie Films such as 'I-95' and 'Party Games' gained knowledge in film making. Now along side with the east coast 'Entourage' Antonio luckly landed a role in this exciting play - 'Insiders' playing the narrator. (

Born in USA and raised mostly in the Dominican Republic, Rosemary is a 'reverse immigrant'. Between childhood and early adulthood she lived and studied in various countries, including various US States, in the following order: rural NY, rural NJ, rural Mass., Santo Domingo City, Philadelphia City, NYC, Guayaquil City - Ecuador, and Bogota City - Colombia. She graduated with an Associate degree in Biology and with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute. Her entire life has been speckled with the arts, in addition to architecture. She trained in the visual arts, has also participated in the screen-play 'Muneca' written by Christina Soto. This is her debut with the cast of 'Insiders'. She would like to thank her son and her friends for all their support.

Luis Pedron Comedian
Luis Pedron, was born in the Philippines. He is a professional actor, who is a product of the Acting Conservatory of the School For Film & Television. Film Credits include 'American Adobo', '13 Going on 30' and 'Shortcut to Happiness'. He is an award winning director. His directing credits include: 'Receptionist Smart', 'VIP - Very Important Pinoys', and 'Party Games' His directorial feature debut will be premiered this October 2007, it is a Horror flick called 'MULTO'(Ghost) which stars Antonio Alvaira. He is the publisher of the entertainment site: and the NY/NJ newspaper Planet Philippines. He dedicates his performance to his parents, his # 1 Fan!

Jesenia Bailey is a comedian/actress/writer. She made her comic debut in 2005 at the Laugh Factory. Since then, she has performed her stand-up comedy act at the Triad Theater, the Comic Strip Live, the Gotham Comedy Club, NY Comedy Club, Caroline's Comedy Club and Stand-up NY. Her sense of humor and ability to make people laugh originate from having a 'Loca familia', which come to life as characters in her act. She has been performing in theater and film since 1999 doing both comedic and dramatic roles. In 2000, she was cast in the independent film 'Big-Wes', which won acclaimed recognition in the 2000 Urban World Film Festival. Her most recent film is 'Surrender', in which she plays a 16 yr. old gang member trying to find a way out of the gang life. She would like to thank Frances Lozada for believing in her abilities to bring the 'Hooker' to life and for the chance to show her true 'hoe-bag' abilities. She dedicates each and every performance to her biggest fans " her husband Damian and her son Jesiah!

Damian Bailey Priest
Damian Bailey has been performing on stage and film for 15 yrs. He has appeared in several Independent films and TV shows. He had produced his play which had a successful run and decided to turn into a film. He has recently finished the independent film called SURRENDER, which he wrote and directed. The film is about gangs, and has a positive Christian message. Currently the film is in post production and will be submitted to various film festivals worldwide.

Dino Roscigno Mobster
Dino is a well rounded actor who ahs appeared in various TV programs and Independent films. He also been featured in several big production films. His passion for theater has lead him to do various off- off broadway plays. He makes his debut with the 'Insiders' and hopes to continue his journey bringing life to other characters.
Daryl Denner Cop #1
Daryl Denner (Private First Class Melvin Peterson) Acting in NYC for over 4yrs. Since then produced and starred in a number of Off-Off Broadway plays and also had parts in independent films and student films. Can also be seen on the Internet show 'News Noir' as the character of 'The Black Sportsman'. One of the founders of the production company Broadway TV Sitcoms, which puts on plays with a TV sitcom atmosphere.

Nicholas Lopez Baseball Player
Nick Lopez has appreared in several independent films and plays. He has appreared in the International Soap Opera 'Brookenya', which connects Kenya Africa to Brooklyn, NY. It focuses on important life issues, such as teen pregnancy, adoption and health issues. He plays a man who eventually finds out he is HIV Positive. He plays across Frances Lozada, who plays his wife, Martiza on the show. He loves the arts and hopes to continue his life making more interesting projects which will send out great messages. He would love to thank his daughters and the rest of his family for all their support.
Jason Shanski Cop #2
Jason Shanski debuts his talent with the 'Insiders' He is excited to expand his horizons. He is a set designer for major films. He also makes local commercials for businesses and videos for entertainers. He hopes to bring life into his character for audiences to enjoy. He would like to thank his Wife, Michele Paris (a Make-up artist, recently working on a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) for all her support. He would also like to thank his two sons, Frank and Alex. Enjoy the show!
Frankie Lozada Light Tech
Frankie will be doing the lighting of the show. He used to perform in High School and helped put together some of the plays preformed. He loves being around the arts and has also helped on several independent movie sets. He also goes by the name 'Frankie C'. He would also like to thank his girlfriend, Nicole and his family for all their support.