Genre: Drama
Written by Ariel Dorfman; Directed by Stephen Singer and Alix Steel

A man and a woman enter a room. We see only a small bed, two chairs, and a table. Is it an asylum? A prison? Interrogation room? Questions are asked and answered. We feel we know the story. In this room, both the man and woman are faced with the truths of their lives. Playwright Ariel Dorfman puts before us the question of justice and forgiveness. Are there crimes for which there can be no forgiveness? If there is no forgiveness, how do we move on with our lives? PURGATORIO reacquaints us with the tragedy of Jason and Medea.

Cast: Daniel Aho, Sarah Babb
Open:   07/13/07
Close:   07/23/07

Friday 8pm; Saturday 8pm; Sunday 8pm; Monday 8pm
Theater:   TBG Arts Center
Address:   312 West 36th Street 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
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