Genre: Drama
By Cheryl L. Davis

By Oscar Micheaux is a stirring new play by Cheryl L. Davis that tells the story of Oscar Micheaux, an African-American who recreated himself and the newborn American film industry in the name of "uplifting the Race." Against all odds, Micheaux became a successful playwright, novelist and director of over 40 films in segregated, early 20th century America. Directed by Catherine Miller Hardy, with performances by Michelle Brown, Garrett Hendricks, Sarena Kennedy, Vadim Newquist, and Kyle Younger. Further information is available to view at

By Oscar Micheaux will be performed as part of The Milk Can Theatre Company's monthly reading series Scene Herd Uddered. To call it a reading series is a misnomer. Scene Herd Uddered isn't actors sitting in chairs simply reading a script. Instead, each presentation is the culmination of seven weeks of intense developmental work. We give a team — usually composed of a playwright, a director and a group of actors — a budget, rented space in which to show their work, a stage manager, publicity, and a support staff of dramaturgs. This is a rare opportunity for emerging artists to spend seven weeks developing a project together, without the intense pressures and constraints usually associated with the production of a new play. We gladly push teams to take huge creative risks and stretch the boundaries, rather than driving towards a neat, traditional end product. Each month we invite the public to view these projects-in-progress and share their views on them.

Open:   07/09/07
Close:   07/09/07

Monday, July 9th at 7pm
Theater:   Michael Weller Theatre
Address:   311 West 43rd Street
New York, NY
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