Genre: Classical
by William Shakespeare, directed by Jesse Rosbrow

Biting mockery, searing nihilism, maddening cronyism, mounting betrayal, dizzying duplicity, absurd hypocrisy, outrageous narcissism, masochism and sadism, and, most significantly, exquisite poetry...and that's only in the first ten minutes, folks! What happens when a sensitive poetic boy becomes king of the world's most powerful nation at 10? Without Prozac, the odds don't look good. What does look good is the story of Shakespeare's Richard II: one of the most lyrical, brilliant, eloquent, and radical of the bard's plays. Bursting at the seams with poets and thugs, fantasia and realism, martyrdom and brutality, DICK 2 offers one of the most mesmerizing political and psychological tales ever told. Even more tantalizing is that it's now being revived by one of the city's most innovative, young theater companies.
Preview:   06/21/07
Open:   06/23/07
Close:   07/08/07

Tuesdays through Saturdays @ 8pm. Sundays at 3pm.
Theater:   Joria Productions Mainstage
Address:   260 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
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Cost:$15.00 Fridays thru Sundays, $8.00 Tuesdays thru Thursdays
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Company: Theatre of the Expendable         Official Web Site: www.theatreoftheexpendable.org