Genre: Comedy, Drama, Lesbian+Gay, Musical
©Derrick Cotoco
Two Shows in One Night!

Monday June 25 at 7:30pm
The Michael Weller Theatre at 311 West 43rd Street- Suite 602
Two Shows in One Night at One Low Price of $25.00
Reservations 212-560-0991
Artiste'- Theatrical Showcase
The Artiste' Café is an intimate dwelling where actors and audience journey together through a carefully weaved evening of drama and comedy. Romance also hurdles into the mix with scenes such as Mabel's Able, where two stalkers in Jerusalem fall in love; Blind Date, where a swallowed button can lead anywhere; and Date with the Paramedics, where two Manhattan opposites share odd tales of their struggles to find love.
Dramedy – The Advance Troupe Show
In this fast-paced second presentation of Dramedy, the evening moves swiftly with a touch of drama in a scene such as Mother, where three daughters confront their Deceased Mother about her wild ways, and side-splitting comedic sketches such as Babytalk, where a "Yum Yum", under a restaurant table, has more than one meaning, and Redneck Auction, where bids such as canned goods and beer might get you a hunk and bid of nickel will get you Cletus.
About the Company: The Actor's Project NYC

Assisting Actors Land Agents and Get Work through Quality Industry Showcases and Quality Original Plays!

Open:   06/25/07
Close:   06/25/07

Theater:   Michael Weller Theatre
Address:   311 West 43rd Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$25 (Price Includes both Shows!)
Buy Tickets Online or Call: The Actor's Project at 212-560-0991
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