Genre: Comedy
Shakespeare in a fraction of the time with none of the calories!

It can only be described as a roller coaster romp through all of Shakespeare's plays (with a brief drive-by of his sonnets as well). Full of irreverence, wit and good old fashioned screwball comedy, none of the Bard's works are safe from these three (self-proclaimed?) Shakespearean "experts" and even the audience can't get out of the line of fire.
Open:   04/13/07
Close:   04/29/07

Wednesdays - Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 3PM
Theater:   Lodestar Theatre
Address:   616 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:$20.00, $12.00 students
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Company: Phare Play Productions         Official Web Site:
Scott Morales ("Not So Calm, But Still Totally Dead" â€" Matt, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2,746th President of the United States" - Anderson) is proud to be returning to the Phare Play stage after being seen in "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)" and "Carl the Second". Scott hails from the Country Fried Nation (Texas) and has been acting since the age of seven when, upon the donning of a red towel and flying off of the cabinets, portrayed his first role of "Superman" which received scathing reviews from his parents for continually sending him to the hospital. Scott would like to thank the Lord for the unending grace and opportunity that continually comes his way, his family and friends for their unending support and inspiration. Finally, Scott would also like to thank his heroes: Luke Skywalker, Moses Austin, the entire Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor plus Tony Romo ("I still believe"), and Natalie Portman.

Ben Klier made his Phare Play debut in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged]. As for the ongoing WWSS saga, Ben first participated in its latest installment. Hand-cuffed by a comfort in chaos and a proclivity for pain, he crawls back with a craving for more. And despite his defeatist denotation, he's very excited about it...

Christine Vinh (Hannah Swindon) has performed in over a dozen shows in her three years since coming to New York, including Conjur Woman in "Dark of the Moon" and Hippolyta and Oberon in an all-female production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". SHe is thrilled to have the opportunity to revisit this role - one of her firsts here in New York. She has also appeared in two other Blake Bradford-authored shows - "Gay Slave Handbook" and "The Last Cloud". She has recently directed "Office Hours" as well as "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged]" and "Carl the Second". Christine serves as Executive Director of Phare Play Productions and is also a corporate attorney.