Genre: Comedy, Festival
by Steve Ives, Directed by Tom Berger

Bordertown is a clever new comedy and the first stage play by experienced screenwriter and comic book author Steve Ives. It tells us the story of a motley crew of dreamers, orphans, convicts, gamblers, domestic terrorists and quite possibly God himself in a fateful meeting at a little diner near the California/Mexico border. When a hostage situation breaks out in the diner during a freakish tornado, the group learns how they arrived at this seemingly final pass and learn about themselves, each other, spirituality and the lack of true coincidence in day-to-day life. Bordertown asks questions that affect us all, while giving witty humor to a dire situation.
Open:   03/14/07
Close:   03/17/07

March 14-17 at 9PM
Theater:   Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Address:   303 West 42nd Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$20.00 (includes a complimentary beverage) or Call: at 646-329-6588
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