Genre: Classical, Comedy, Drama

12 actors perform a range of scenes exploring the theme 'Conflict.' Ranging from comedy to drama the one hour show will take you on a journey that will make you laugh, cry or possibly both!
Open:   04/08/07
Close:   04/09/07

7pm - 8pm
Theater:   Producers Club Theatres
Address:   358 W 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
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A Short Walk from Times Square

Cost:Free: Please email to reserve a seat.

Junate Acar grew up in Frankfurt, Germany. As a result of being half Turkish and half German he got to enjoy both the Turkish and the German cultures with their diverse and frequently opposite mentalities and learned at an early age how to conduct himself diplomatically.

He discovered his passion for the entertainment industry in elementary school when he first started acting in school plays. While jumping from one school play to another he decided to make acting a profession and not a hobby.

After attending high school he worked his way through the College of Economics and taking private acting/singing classes, moved (with the full support of his parents), to Munich. There he enrolled in a musical academy where he majored in music with a focus on acting, singing and mainly dancing. Meanwhile he got a contract for a major role at the National Theater at G�rtnerplatz. Getting a contract wasn't the end of his journey. He wanted to accomplish more and expand his talent so he moved to LA. There he bumped into a friend of a friend who changed the course of his career and set him on the path to where he is right now. Here, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of NEW YORK. The city of HOPE, OPPORTUNITY and HAPPINESS.

He is currently finishing his studies at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, where he got the chance to create his own acting style and is now looking for someone to represent him.


Anna Breuer was born and raised in Cologne, Germany. When Amelie Poulin changed her life, Anna developed her passion for film.

After finishing school in Germany she started working on different film projects in Germany and Canada, acting as well as working in costume, make-up, script developtment and production. During her training at the Strasberg Institute she landed a small part in the Irish/German co-production TRUE NORTH which got nominated for four BAFTA Awards. Living in New York inspired her to write and perform her own comedy material and follow her other passion: designing her own tattoos.

Anna recently returned to New York after finishing the German feature film VIRUS UNDEAD and is excited to make her stage debut in this showcase.

Stefani Charitou was born in the Greek island of Cyprus where from a very young age she began studying dance and theatre. Her interests were influenced by her artistic Russian family background and as the last remaining artist in her family, she feels it is her duty to keep the tradition alive. She came to the U.S. to further her studies and is very greatful to be given the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people.
Lydia was born in France but mainly started her career in italy modelling and acting. She was in the Exorcist "The Beginning" and in HBO series "Rome".

She came to New York to study and carry on her career as model and actress. In New York she did a few student films and industrials and she also did a TV pilot called ''Nowhere Else''.

Sarah Lynn Dawson was born in England and moved to America with only a backpack to become an actor. She has now been acting for four years and recently completed the Two Year Certificate Program at The Lee Strasberg Institute In New York.

Her most recent film role was in the feature film Latent Lava directed by Pranay Chulet. On stage Sarah has most recently performed in the Off Broadway production of 'Men'. Some of her favorite roles are Viola from Twelfth Night and Nora from A Doll's House. Sarah also writes and has so far completed a feature length script, a short film and a play.

She loves working on both stage and film and is excited to be working with so many great actors in this showcase.

Yuki Kawahisa, a native of Japan, is an actor/performing artist/contemporary dancer/model. For the past two years in NY, while studying at LSTFI, she has performed frequently on stage as well as on camera. She is also a playwright. Her original one woman-show received very positive reviews throughout Canada and also in NY. This spring Kawahisa will be making her directing début in a play "My Mirror, My Self", co-staring Toni Mayo.

She enjoys learning new things and expanding her artistic field by working with creative people.

Toni Mayo, a born and raised New Yorker landed on the stage as a child and somehow never found the exit. At a young age she began studying theatre at LSTFI and performed throughout the city with a small theater company, 24*7. She continued to perform and train in film, theatre, improv and action theatre in both New York and Boston.

Recently Toni has starred in four one-act plays in the New Works Festival, The Big Little Theatre's "Happy Hour" Zepel Yeshurun's film "Places", and is currently in collaboration with a troupe on an original comedy.

This Spring, she will be co-starring opposite Yuki Kawhahisa in Maureen Robinson's "My Mirror, Myself", as well as Carlo Goldoni's "The Liar". She feels that this is all in preparation for her future portrayal of Martha in Albee's "Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?"

COSTA NICOLAS ... he's one Australia's most versatile Actor, Singer, Dancer and choreographers. ‘The Herald Sun'

From ‘Happy Feet', starring Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman To Tony Manero in the Musical Saturday Night Fever. From Writing award-winning Cabaret to the Opening of the Sydney Olympic Games, Costa has been both awarded and applauded by critics and audiences alike throughout Australia and Asia since he began working in his early teens.

Costa is excited to have relocated to The USA and is thrilled to be part of the ensemble of the NEW ERA GROUP.

Nadia Rahman started her passion for acting in German theatres, where she worked on several productions, such as "Carmen", "Trainspotting", "Shockheaded Peter" and "Adam & Eve".

Because of her love for travel and keen interest in expanding her knowledge on the different facets of acting, Nadia decided to move to NYC.

A graduate of the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She worked in Off-Broadway Productions and got a part in a TV-Pilot " Nowhere Else". While doing that, Nadia was also working for German TV-Channels.

Nadia is thrilled to work with such a dynamic and talented group of actors.

My major childhood dream was to become an actress and show business has always fascinated me. For this reason I started at acting school in Zurich and 3½ years later I finally had my acting diploma!

Since I am fond of music, I have been taking singing lessons for the last 6 years and always went to dancing classes. For me, singing, dancing and acting somehow belong together. That is one of the reasons for which I participated in a musical (HAIR), after my graduation, in which I had a main part (as Sheila). Obviously, I also gained different experience by playing minor - and supporting roles in commercials, soaps and movies.

Still taking every opportunity to improve my acting experience, I attended the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York.

Pia Strauss was born in Carinthia/Austria. After training in Acting, Singing and Dancing she graduated with a diploma from the State board of Musical Theatre from the Performing Arts Studios Vienna.

During her studies she had the opportunity to work in different venues like Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia..

Then she decided to expand her horizon and moved to New York. The love for this city since she was a child, the language and discovering and learning new things brought her to N.Y.C where she is currently studying at the LSTFI -and finishing the 2 Year Certificate Program.

She was recently seen in the TV pilot :´Nowhere Else´ and on stage in Michael Ryan's ´Eveningland´.

She is excited to be part of this group.

Abhijeet Shetty was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He grew up completely enamoured by the song and dance routine of Bollywood cinema, but as he grew older, the effects of escapist cinema wore off on him.

He was however bitten by the acting bug during his final year at college where he was getting a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. He has been acting for the past 5 years and has recently completed the two year certificate program at the Lee Strasberg Institute. He was recently seen on stage in Michael Ryan's "Eveningland". He is thrilled to be a part of this amazingly talented group of performers.