Genre: Drama
©Jason King Jones
Written by Sam Shepard, Directed by Jason King Jones, Produced by Michael Horn

Austin (Thomas Amici), an Ivy League-educated, hopeful screenwriter, has returned to his mother's home outside L.A., intent on selling his latest script to a Hollywood producer. But Austin's world is turned upside down when his older brother Lee (Tim Scott), a crude petty thief, shows up unexpectedly and tries to sell his story - a "true" American western - to the intrigued producer. As the two estranged men wrangle over their screenplays, bicker, get drunk, and trash the house, they soon come to realize that deep down they may not be so different after all. Also features James Pravasilis and Julie M. Finch. Stage Managed by Russell Marisak.
Open:   01/09/07
Close:   01/27/07

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8pm. See website for possible extension.
Theater:   Big, Little Theatre
Address:   141 Ridge Street
New York, NY
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