Genre: Drama
A thrilling multimedia theatrical experience conceived and directed by Juan Souki

The most dangerous choice we make is our choice to love. In stark, totalitarian Red City, two young lovers, Fernando and Arena, are separated by military conflicts. Fernando, on the lam from his country's current regime, dreams of reuniting with his love. While Arena holds onto hope that she will see Fernando again, she leans on her friend Lucia, whose boyfriend may be the key to Fernando's safe return. Will Lucia's lover be able to save Fernando or does he have another agenda? Will Fernando and Arena be together again? How, in life's toughest times, do people keep their faith?

Creator and director Juan Souki has crafted a searing piece about love, life and fear in the midst of war. Featuring a haunting score by Xavier Losada as well as stunning multimedia images, "Love: A Tragic Etude" deals with moments of inevitable separation and the effects of institutionalized power over human relations. It explores the process of decision making in extreme and unexpected situations.

Juan Souki is a multimedia artist from Caracas, Venezuela. He is the Artistic Director of the Caracas-New York International Theatre Project, which was founded in 2004 to promote a theatrical rendezvous among actors, musicians, designers and directors from all over the world. In addition to his work with the collective, he has directed The Cherry Orchard at the Classic Stage Company.

Originally commissioned by the prestigious Corp Group Foundation, "Love: A Tragic Etude" premiered in Caracas, Venezuela in 2005, and has since been developed further for its New York debut.

Will be shown with Kelly Girod's short impressionistic piece "Gypsy Love"

Cast: Aryeh Lappin, K.K. Moggie, Kate Loconti, Melinda Helfrich, Jeremy Bobb

Preview:   11/27/06
Open:   11/29/06
Close:   12/16/06

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Mon. Nov. 27 @ 8 pm;
Wed., Nov. 29 @ 8 pm;
Fri., Dec. 1 @ 8 pm;
Sat., Dec. 2 @ 3 pm;
Mon., Dec. 4 @ 8pm;
Wed., Dec. 6 @ 8 pm;
Fri., Dec. 8 @ 8 pm; Sat., Dec. 9 @ 8 pm;
Sun., Dec. 10 @ 3 pm;
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Tues., Dec. 12 @ 8 pm;
Wed., Dec. 13 @ 8 pm;
Thurs., Dec. 14 @ 8 pm;
Fri., Dec. 15 @ 8 pm &
Sat., Dec. 16 @ 3 pm

Theater:   Kraine Theater
Address:   85 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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Gil is a recent graduateof the CIRCLE IN THE SQUARE Theatre School. His theatre credit include the title role in Ostovsky's. The Diary of the scoundrel,Oscar Wile's Salome,and Shakespeare's Macbeth as well as the independdent films Make-up and Three of Hearts. Gil is excited to paticipate in this production of Chicken Delight and is grateful to Dave for this wonderful opportunity.