Genre: Comedy, Musical
by Gary Bragg, David Demichelis, Eric Ottem

Diane Johnson seems to have the race for governor all sewn up. Intelligent and experienced, Diane is from a respected political family. She's paid her dues and knows how to manage the mud-slinging and back-door deal making that mark any election. Her opponent, Blake Sullivan, is a nice guy...but he's so boring people might forget to vote for him. When former baseball star Spider Brown jumps into the race at the last minute, though, it's a whole different ball game. Then there's Diane's mother, Victoria, throwing obstacles in her path; her campaign manager and ex-husband, Trent Gainsforth, foul-mouthed and abrasive, but he knows how to win; and trash-TV sex-pot Nancy Reynolds, using all her best tricks to dig up dirt for her info-tainment show "The Ticket," and suddenly, Diane's got her hands full, and she's fighting like never before.

The Ticket parodies the cynical rituals of an American election. It lampoons the spin, the media, and the surreal thinking that make stereotypes more important than issues. It's a sophisticated musical, with Broadway show tunes, jazz, funk and reggae layered and interwoven to amplify the dramatic tension as the story unfolds. Most of all, The Ticket is the story of a real person, her vision, her struggles, and her personal growth, transcending the sound bite to tell the story from the perspective of one who lives it.

Humor, passion, betrayal, fear, manipulation, compromise and triumph mark their respective journeys toward the first Tuesday in November.

Open:   11/07/06
Close:   11/26/06

Weekdays at 8:00PM, Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm, Sundays at 3pm
Theater:   Sage Theater
Address:   711 7th Avenue (btwn 47th & 48th St
New York, NY 10036
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