Genre: Comedy, Other
Doug Wright

Halloween: It's not for Kids Anymore.
Phare Play Productions presents Doug Wright's Unwrap your Candy, directed by Wayne Yeager. The play is full of Hitchcock and Rod Sterling style humor and horror. This collection of adult bedtime stories will make you want to bring your own bodyguards and cross bearers to walk you home.

Remember the danger in being a child, the terror of adulthood and the hazardous vulnerability of being an unsuspecting audience member while enjoying an evening of horror with PharePlay Productions.

Prior to Unwrap Your Candy is Phare Play's production of Snake in Fridge at 7pm!

Open:   10/26/06
Close:   10/31/06

All Performances at 10:00 pm
Theater:   Producers Club Theatres
Address:   358 W 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
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A Short Walk from Times Square

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