Genre: Drama
World Premiere of THE CLERIC at 59E59

An American priest held by the Taliban is seized by U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan. Is he an innocent victim or a terrorist in waiting?

Eerily shadowing the current Middle East crisis, "The Cleric," Tim Marks' penetrating new hostage drama, leads us deep into a world where religious, national and personal loyalties create a dizzying maze of meaning and misunderstanding. When an Irish-American priest believed to have been abducted by Hezbollah in Beirut in the mid 80's is discovered by U.S. Special Forces in post-9/11 Afghanistan, he immediately comes under suspicion for being an Islamic sympathizer at best, and a terrorist in waiting at worst. Is this a man of principle caught in the middle of a war of political, ethnic and religious wills from which he doesn't have a prayer to escape? Or is he too, through his own mysterious actions, fanning the flames of hatred?

Presented by the Mind the Gap, "The Cleric" features Richard T. Lester as the hostage priest, Father Sean Pearson. Also in the cast of five are Armand DesHarnais as a rabidly pro-American career intelligence officer, James Kloiber as a seemingly more reasonable high-level operative, Daniel Haughey as a defense liaison and Sean Heeney as Father Neil, a military chaplain.

Tim Marks', a Welsh-born and Baltimore-based playwright, is the author of a trilogy of plays about Irish living abroad, two of which have been produced in New York -- "Locating the Plant," set in Belfast, at the Irish Arts Center, and "Pearldivers," set in London, which was performed at the American Theatre of Actors.

Directed by Paula D'Alessandris, Mind the Gap's artistic director, the world premiere of "The Cleric" performs at 59E59 from Wednesday October 25 through Sunday November 12

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Cast: Armand Desharnais, Daniel Haughey, Sean Heeney, James Kloiber, Richard T. Lester
Preview:   10/25/06
Open:   10/29/06
Close:   11/12/06

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