Genre: Drama
by David Marrero, directed by Matt Black

On Christmas Eve in contemporary New Mexico, winter storm clouds buoy an
omnipresent full moon. This night, on a lonely Interstate highway, with the support of his Zuni Indian brother Wayne, Jimmy Freewater has to run the gamut of near mythical proportions as he seeks to marry the woman he loves. But Julia's father and brothers, comprising a dysfunctional family, menace and conspire against any such union. Jimmy's comic/tragic journey parallels the course of a blizzard the likes of which has never been seen in New Mexico history. The near apocryphal quest pits culture against culture, belief against belief, man against man, through a worsening storm that shows no abatement.

Cast: Murray Hill
Preview:   10/05/06
Open:   10/06/06
Close:   10/30/06

Thursday through Sunday first two weeks
Thursday thru Monday the last two weeks
Theater:   Jan Hus Playhouse
Address:   351 East 74th Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$22.00, $10.00 for Students
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