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Now in its 17th year, The American Living Room (TALR) festival supports the development of new, multi- disciplinary works & artists in a setting that strives to make theatre as much a part of everyday life as watching TV. Each year, TALR invites a wide array of daring directors, writers, choreographers, performers, puppeteers, composers, film/video makers and visual artists to share their work. The 2006 festival will host more than 30 projects ranging from 10 to 120 minutes in length, and will involve approximately 300 artists.


SHADOW PLAY - July 28 & 29 (Friday & Saturday)
Directed & choreographed by Ariane Anthony, with film by Jennifer Todd Reeves
Shadow Play reflects on the poignant interplay of perception and memory as dramatic events take place and characters from a silent movie dance in front of a film projection.

CAUSE FOR ALARM - July 28 & 29 (Friday & Saturday)
Created & directed by Tina Goldstein
The sound of car alarms built into a scored musical structure, along with a text based on clichés, this piece challenges our interpretation of what we hear & how we respond to, or ignore, what occurs around us.

29 FRIENDS - July 28 & 29 (Friday & Saturday)
Conceived & choreographed by Megan Metcalf
Incorporating live performers and video, this work celebrates the idiosyncrasies of dancers and non-dancers alike, investigating what exactly we do when we groove to our favorite tunes.

PESSIMIST, MOI? - July 30 & 31 (Sunday & Monday)
Conceived by & featuring Sophie Amieva, directed by Sarah Sanford
Murder. Sex. Prescription Drugs. Valérie Chameaux is a French clown of
the 21st century with a problem. A night of savior de vivre with a woman who simply wants to scream "Live you fools, Live!"

LOOKING FOR LIMBO - July 30 & 31 (Sunday & Monday)
Written by Melaena Cadiz, Joseph Keckler & Erin Markey
As the Vatican eliminates Limbo from Catholic Lore, the spirit of one giant unbaptized baby arrives at the gates of the nether-region, greeted by a colorful and confused crew of fleeing citizens. Together they embark on a soul-searching musical journey. Where do you go when you've been evicted from oblivion?

HOT FLASH - August 1 & 2 (Tuesday & Wenesday)
Created & performed by Laryssa Husiak
Creating an absurd and heartfelt world, solo artist Laryssa Husiak melds original piano composition, choreography and prose, inviting the audience into the passionate underbelly of five intricate women, each with an object that inspires them to share stories of their unique and festering desires.

REMOVED EXPOSURE- August 1 & 2 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Created & performed by Karen Bernard, directed by Maureen Brennan
Organically incorporating the audience's active gaze into a meditation on popular perceptions surrounding aging and beauty, this solo work uses Bernard's idiosyncratic style to reveal insights into the intersections of everyday life and art.

MORT - August 3 & 4 (Thursday & Friday)
Co-created & directed by Kip Fagan, co-created & performed by Nico Vassilakis
A solo performance & excavation of the mind, music & personality of the experimental American composer Morton Feldman, examining the tension between his notoriously quiet music and his equally loud persona.

LEARNING TO LISTEN - August 5 & 6 (Saturday & Sunday)
Written & choreographed by Robin Prichard, performed by Robin Prichard & Alison Malloy
Pairing highly physical movement with subtle gestures, this duet explores the schism of communication inherent in relationships. This dance project navigates the subtle and indirect meanings of movement, infusing humor to reveal sorrow hidden just beneath the surface.

YOUR NEGRO TOUR GUIDE - August 5 & 6 (Saturday & Sunday)
Directed by Jeff Griffin, performed by Torie Wiggins
Based on the writings of award-winning columnist & commentator Kathy Y. Wilson, this provocative solo performance paints a portrait of identity in modern America. Scathing and thoughtful rants, letters, music and nightmares come together to depict the modern Black landscape of race, gender and class.

FOX(Y) FRIENDS - August 7 & 8 (Monday & Tuesday)
Written & directed by Kevin Doyle, featuring members of Sponsored by Nobody
A series of revolving monologues delving into the lives of "Fox News" morning hosts, this project probes what lurks beneath the surface of the glib rhetoric & plastic smiles associated with morning news shows.

THE DOROTHY BUILDING- August 7 & 8 (Monday & Tuesday)
Directed & designed by Michael Scott-Price, written by Trav S.D.
This tale of a boarding house where the guests are all identical women named Dorothy is an absurdist-mask piece that delves into a dream-like realm that is both unsettling and lightly humorous.

I-95 SOUTH - August 9 (Wednesday)
Written & directed by Kate Marks
Family tradition and Elvis mythology inform one girl's journey toward accepting her true identity in this theatrical production. One in a long-line of Elvis impersonators, this girl longs to be The King, but has been primed to be Priscilla. She runs away in an attempt to escape the perils and limits of her gender.

WITH CLAWS AND BEAK - August 10 & 11 (Thursday & Friday)
Created by Workhorse & directed by Stephen Buescher
A comedic, absurdist play in which two wayward soldiers escape the military they serve, in search of a home-cooked meal in a clean, well-lit place. They are soon entrenched in a new battle amidst a socially twisted, privileged, excitable bunch of aristocrats, waging a hysterical domestic war of their own.

THIRST - August 12 (Saturday)
Designed & performed by Jil Guyon
Based on the Bjork-inspired composition "Prayer of the Heart'' by John Tavener, this piece merges music, movement & video, creating a world that allows one to experience the emotions of transcendent silence.

LEE/GENDARY - August 12 (Saturday)
Written by Soomi Kim & Derek Nguyen
This multidisciplinary performance was inspired by the life of Bruce Lee.
Soomi Kim felt compelled to inhabit this role after learning Lee was given a girl's name as a disguise from evil spirits. This unique look at Lee's drive to defy definition blends text, live music and a hybrid of martial arts, dance and acrobatics.

WTC - August 13 (Sunday)
Directed by Jonathan Zalben
WTC is a multimedia work responding to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Custom software allows recorded radio communications, layered with original music to interact with images projected in the space.

THE JOY OF LEX - August 14 (Monday)
Created by Alexia Vernon, directed by Jon Stancato
Alexia Vernon and her teddy rabbit embark on an erotic journey from victimization to celebration. Melding a wide array of theatrical styles, this hybrid performance explores the problematic boundaries between danger and desire, fantasy and reality, and sincerity and irony.

TENDER TRAP - August 14 (Monday)
Created by Catherine Hournihan, performed by Tilt Performance Company
This evening of surreal sensuality presents four short pieces that offer unique perspectives on love, romance and gender. Infused with raspy love songs, this piece blurs the line between fine art and cabaret with influences from butoh, burlesque, performance art & postmodern dance.

BELLY DREAM REAL - August 15 & 16 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
An Imnotlost Production, written & directed by Kate Brehm
This is a short, dynamic piece of misunderstandings, discoveries and belly buttons. Chaos, upheaval, commotion and grotesque licking will be witnessed in this tale as the characters meet and deal with a swarm of mothers and their tongues.

I'M SORRY & I'M SORRY - August 15 & 16 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Written, directed & performed by The Candidatos (Kevin Wall & Justin Rose)
Part Marx Brothers, Coen Brothers and Cirque du Soleil- this is a lesson in incompetent betrayal. The Candidatos employ physical comedy, evasive banter, acrobatic drunkenness, willful deception & no small amount of absurdity to tell the tale of a seasick sailor, overzealous actor & a perfectly incompetent crime.

THE ANGUISH OF COMPOSURE - August 17 (Thursday)
Created by the Unruly Julies, featuring Julie A. O'Baoighill
A blindfolded painter & deranged violinist struggle to sustain self-control while in pain. Movement, painting & sound combine in this story about the ritual of shutting off one's senses to keep going in the world.

FEMINISTS ARE FUNNY - August 17 (Thursday)
Written & directed by Aphra Behn, featuring GUERILLA GIRLS ON TOUR
GUERILLA GIRLS ON TOUR take you on a fast and physical romp through the highlights of their herstory as anonymous activists opposing sexism in the performing arts, politics and beyond. Songs, sketches and parodies are woven with dramatizations of some of the 20th Century's most prominent & amusing women.

REMOTE - August 18 & 19 (Friday & Saturday)
Directed & performed by Sara Kraft & Ed Purver
This innovative performance looks at the attempt to connect while also trying to maintain a safe distance. Through a fusion of performance with live & recorded video, Remote blurs the lines between reality and projection, illuminating how detachment can allow the grace of perspective and the capacity for violence.

BEAUTIFUL RADIANT THINGS - August 20 & 21 (Sunday & Monday)
Co-created & performed by Jane Ray, co-created & directed by Glynis Rigsby
Emma Goldman was loathed, feared, thrown in jail & deported. Red Emma loved flowers, opera, dancing & sex. This solo performance depicts the most dangerous kind of woman--one who defies stereotype.

INSOMNIA/INSEXTON - August 20 & 21 (Sunday & Monday)
Adapted & performed by Laila Maria Salins
Directed & performed by Leyla Ebtehadj, with Emily Tremaine
A three-actor music theater based on the life of the American poet Anne Sexton, weaving together excerpts of her work and revealing her search for redemption and love and her obsession with death.

MRS. HODGES WAS STRUCK BY A METEORITE - August 22 & 23 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Created & choreographed by Michael Bodel
A dance-theater-puppetry hybrid inspired by the physics of collisions, the science of probability and Ann Hodges, who was on her couch in Alabama when a meteorite the size of a grapefruit struck in her side.

DEATH IN VACANT LOT - August 24-25 (Thursday & Friday)
Written by Shuji Terayama, directed by Kameron Steele, featuring The South Wing
The South Wing presents a staged concert reading of their new translation of Shuji Terayama's 60s rock-and-roll film Death in the Fields (Denen ni Shisu), a coming-of-age tale about an adolescent run-away in WWII Japan as remembered by himself 20-years later in the 60s re-construction era.

SKETCH - August 26 & 27 (Saturday & Sunday)
Choreographed & performed by Amy Larimer
A lighthearted portrait of a woman with a heavy heart and a powerful set of magic markers, this dance piece was created as part of a series of portraits exploring the eccentric edges of ordinary people and the ordinary longings of eccentrics.

VAMPING - August 26 & 27 (Saturday & Sunday)
Created & performed by Kali Quinn
Vamping is a highly physical, multimedia solo piece that embraces and wrestles with the effects of dementia. This piece strives to share personal images, and at the same time distorts their reality and meaning. Video and voice-over help to create this unique dream world where time is constantly spliced.

3 AM, 89º, NO WIND - August 26 & 27 (Saturday & Sunday)
Choreographed & directed by Noel MacDuffie with original music by John LaSala
A murderer, a sad man and a woman made of gold struggle for a connection as the unrepentant heat of late summer turns night into a world of sweaty sheets. This dance piece features physically unusual characters moving with ease and shifts rapidly as characters struggle to find love, understanding & release.

WOVEN ROOM- August 27 (Sunday)
Created & performed by Anya Liftig, with sound by Angus Galloway
Anya Liftig uses her body as a weaving loom to entangle the elements of an upper middle-class living room into a full-scale, three-dimensional blanket in this performance installation accompanied by a sound design that uses parts of found answering machine messages.

viBe!- August 28 (Monday)
Written by viBe's ensemble of teenage girls, directed by Dana Edell &
Chandra Thomas
viBe's production will incorporate real-life issues of racism, body image, peer pressure, sex, culture and family. viBe Theater Experience engages teenage girls to create work that includes original songs, dances, poetry, monologues & scenes that reflect & respond to the positive & negative situations in the girls' lives.

BETWEEN THE SHADOWS- August 29 & 30 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Written & directed by Rania Khalil, with sound by Adam Matta
Egyptian-American performance artist & director Rania Khalil presents a multidisciplinary work of imagination and mystery. Presented in the spirit of film noir and eastern European theater, shadow puppets give birth and mime goes to places it hasn't gone before.

UNFAMILIAR COMFORT(S)- August 29 & 30 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Written by Amanda Weir, directed by Wes Hopper
Unfamiliar Comfort(s) is a multimedia, movement/dance and performance piece whose language emerges from a repressed vocabulary, brought to the surface in emotional outbursts. This theater piece takes a closer look at Blackberries, anti-depressants and the American flag in a post-post-modern world.

About the Company: Here Arts Center

HERE’s Dream Music Puppetry Program is one of few programs in the country to grow and commission contemporary adult puppet works.  Dream Music provides performance opportunities to puppet artists and encourages multidisciplinary collaboration to develop new puppetry techniques.  This program was inaugurated with the premiere of Basil Twist’s OBIE-award winning Symphonie Fantastique in 1998 and the opening of the Dorothy B. Williams Theatre, an intimate space created specifically for intimate puppetry.  Under the artistic direction of Twist, with producing direction from HERE co-founder Barbara Busackino, the Dream Music aesthetic is geared toward puppet works that feature live music as a collaborative element.  Dream Music seeks to secure the future of puppetry by providing increased development and performance opportunities to puppet artists, and by collaborating with artists from other disciplines to develop new puppetry techniques.  Over the past ten years, Dream Music has presented in the Dorothy B. Williams Theatre many exciting artists ranging from eclectic international troupes to The Jim Henson International Festival of Puppetry and has commissioned over 20 full-scale puppetry works from New York based puppeteers including the acclaimed Arias with a Twist in 2008 (which returned in September 2011 for a limited engagement at Abrons Arts Center).
Since 1993, the OBIE-winning HERE, Kristin Marting, Artistic Director and Kim Whitener, Producing Director, has been one of New York’s premier arts organizations and a leader in the field of producing and presenting new, hybrid performance viewed as a seamless integration of artistic disciplines—theater, dance, music and opera, puppetry, media, visual and installation, spoken word and performance art.  Standout productions include Basil Twist’s Symphonie Fantastique and Arias with a Twist, Hazelle Goodman’s On Edge, Trey Lyford & Geoff Sobelle’s all wear bowlers, Young Jean Lee’s Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven, Corey Dargel’s Removable Parts, Taylor Mac’s The Lily’s Revenge and Yoav Gal’s Mosheh, among many others.  HERE’s work is challenging and alternative and offers audiences the opportunity to feel that they are part of something new and fresh. 

Open:   07/28/06
Close:   08/30/06

All performances start at 8:30pm
Theater:   3LD Art & Technology Ctr.
Address:   80 Greenwich Street
New York, NY
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