Genre: Comedy, Drama, Dance, Lesbian+Gay, Musical, Other
One Night Only!

Fantasy and actuality merge, as more than 30 actors imagine to be various characters in this fast paced industry showcase.

The Cast: Eric Talon, Charity Bess, Blythe Miller, David Demato, Michelle Czar, Rose Constanzo, Benjamin Sulds, Jane Hagerty, Danette Riso, Ben Rathbun, Pat Cesar, Josh Macuga, Bonita Hope, Jean Ann Garrish, Christopher Batyr, Stephen Lemay, Nicole Serra, Lara Starr Sutton, Natasha Kotovsky, Elizabeth Phillipp, Susanne Traub, Sara Rosenzweig, Joe Iozzi, Brandon Abel, Nancy Guzman, Allison Bloch, Rodney Ladino, Tiffany Clown, Merridith Banker, Jessica Maria Smith, Danika Hendrickson, Jason Barker, Fernando Estrella, Regan Flynn, Joscelyn Wilmouth, Danielle Asman, Jessica Stasulis, and Fran DeCesare
About the Company: The Actor's Project NYC

Assisting Actors Land Agents and Get Work through Quality Industry Showcases and Quality Original Plays!

Open:   07/26/06
Close:   07/26/06

Wednesday at 8pm
Theater:   Shetler Studios
Address:   244 West 54th Street (12th Floor) B
New York, NY
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