Genre: Comedy
Starring Stephanie Bush, Marlene Rhein, Will Schmincke, Marcella Anise Smith

Three across-the-board New York City females speak to their form of 'diary' in this comedy that manages to hit you where it hurts. With dance breaks and a drunk narrator who ties the political with the personal, you'll be left wondering...what secrets are killing you inside?
About the Company: Manhattan Repertory Theatre


Manhattan Repertory Theatre was founded in August 2005 by Ken Wolf, Artistic Director and Jennifer Pierro, Director of Productions. Since its inception, Manhattan Repertory Theatre has produced over 900 plays and worked with over 10,000 theatre artists.  MRT’s mission is to help all artists get their work produced in a professional, supportive and clean environment.

Open:   07/19/06
Close:   07/22/06

Wednesday 9pm, Thursday 7pm, Friday 9pm, Saturday 7pm
Theater:   Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Address:   303 West 42nd Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$15.00 or Call: at (646)329-6588
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