Genre: Comedy
by Christopher C. Beier, directed by William Balzac

Having not spoken for two weeks, a young, recently married couple decides to meet in Central Park at midnight in an attempt to fix their marriage. Suddenly fate takes an unsuspecting turn leaving the husband trapped on the subway with an intriguing new stranger, and the wife sitting on a park bench in the company of a clumsy, yet charming gentleman. As the midnight deadline quickly approaches, they find themselves in the midst of a vital decision: Do they continue to wait for each other, in hopes of proving that their marriage is "meant to be", or do they let their odd attraction for their newfound acquaintances disprove the idea of their marriage all together? Proof by Disproof confronts and challenges conceptions about destiny, love, and the ideal notion of "the one right person."
Open:   07/12/06
Close:   07/15/06

Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm
Friday and Saturday at 2pm &8pm
Theater:   Sanford Meisner Theatre
Address:   164 11th Ave. (East Side of 11th Av
New York, NY
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Cost:$15.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door
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