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The Looking Glass Theatre's Writer/Director Forum is part of the company's mission to reflect life on the stage with truth and theatricality while exploring a female vision/aesthetic. The festival is held twice a year at The Looking Glass Theatre. This year's spring festival features the work of 10 emerging female directors tackling both classic and new works.

The full performance schedule is as follows:
Week 1 May 25-28:
Medea by Euirpides, Directed by Candace O'Neil Cihocki
Description: A modern and even creepier version of the tragic Greek tale of a woman scorned and the revenge that will be taken. A show not for the faint of heart.

Hollywood Lights by Suzanne Wesley, Directed by Emily Plumb
Description: Hollywood Lights is an unpredictable evening where the lines between what we expect from horror, and how we actually experience it, are blurred.
** Week 1 Assistant Director: Maureen Rogalski

Week 2 June 8-11:
Population Growth by Aoise Stratford, Directed by Nikki Rothenberg
Description: Dating is awkward. The exponential growth of the world's population is really not helping things.

Muncie & Mayhem in ‘Tea and Rats' by Laylage Courie, Directed by Rose Ginsberg
Description: Two best friends/enemies engage in an impassioned battle of wits and domestic prowess, as they struggle with an infestation of strangely scholarly rodents.

Aquarium by Lila Rose Kaplan, Directed by Aliza Shane
Description: It's the story of wondrous and strange creatures - a fishy family of high achievers. In here, to keep from drowning in gourmet algae and filtered water, all you can do is write.

** Week 2 Assistant Director: Erin Winebark

Week 3 June 15-18:
Things That Go Hump in the Night by Peggy Dougherty, Directed by Ain Rashida Sykes
Description: Phyllis just wants her night, but being a single mother, she is torn between the child and the man who makes her feel like a woman.

Richard III by William Shakespeare, Directed by Kelly Haydon
Description: Revenge is sweet...and highly entertaining! A ragged band of outlaw thespians gleefully perform the famous hunchback's violent campaign to win the crown of England.

** Week 3 Assistant Director: Sarah Nerboso

Week 4 June 22-25:
The Patriot by Kate Marks, Directed by Tzipora Kaplan
Description: Peace! Peace! Peace on Earth! ...or not.

Dick ‘n Spooner by Melissa Fendell, Directed by Jill Landaker
Description: This satire follows the lives of one sitcom-perfect couple's quest for happiness in the form of eternal popularity.

Swimming the Ocean by Kate McNickle, Directed by Elizabeth Sturrus
Description: Two sisters struggle against the current that pulls Gai toward the future, Becca to the past. Gai must decide between the love of a simple man or her sister and their childhood memories together.

** Week 4 Assistant Directors: Lisa Kasdan, Laurie Vázquez

About the Company: Looking Glass Theatre

Reflecting Life on the Stage with Truth and Theatricality While Exploring a Female Vision and Creating a Community of Artistic Freedom

Our goal is to create a community of artistic freedom: freedom from the pressure to be commercial, freedom from gender expectations and freedom from judgment. We believe this is the way to bring our audience aesthetic bliss. Supporting inspiration without expectations gets creative juices flowing. This pure creative energy then creates the purest entertainment.

Open:   05/25/06
Close:   06/25/06

Thursday-Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 5pm
There will be no performances the weekend of June 1-4
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