Genre: Dance
///Abby Bender, Choreographer///

May 11th-13th and 18th-20th, 2006, 8pm
ZOO will feature the hidden and not-so-hidden talents of Kenneth Lang,Marisa Gruneberg,Jackie Moynahan,Hilary Maia Grubb,Megan Demarkis,TraDon Turner,Janessa Olsen,Josie Carbone,Jessica Seeman,Tommy Wilkinson,Kate Kaminski,Marissa A. Schoenfeld,Christiano Veracosa,Danielle Loustau-Williams,Carlo Fiorletta,Rachael Vacharosovan,Yuka Ogata,Julia Peck and Katie O'Neill in a story of entrapment, longing and twisted whimsy.
Choreographed and conceived by Abby Bender
Lighting by Brian Aldous
Video by Cree Nevins
Sets and costumes by Abby Bender, TraDon Turner, and Ijeoma Iheanacho.
Open:   05/11/06
Close:   05/20/06

///Thursday to Saturday at 8:00PM///
Theater:   Triskelion Arts
Address:   118 N. 11th Street
Brooklyn, NY
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