Genre: Classical, Comedy, Drama, Dance, Lesbian+Gay, Musical, Other
Directed By Bobby Holder

Actors will thrive in this theatrical showcase where boundaries do not exist.
Expect nothing and everything as you walk through the theatre doors and take your seat in a room that is alive each and every moment. This is a short, diverse, theatrical showcase of monologues, scenes, music, drama, comedy, and dance.
THE CAST: Brandon Abel, Tom Ashton, Ayo, Danielle Asman, Charity Bess, Michael Blanc, Carole Boniece, Maureen Chandler, Patrick Colabella, Michelle Czar, David Demato, Brett Davidson, Claysey Everett, Nancy Guzman, Danika Hendrickson, Richard Hymes-Esposito, Elizabeth Izzo, Jodi Jacobs, Colleen Jason, Nick Mazza, Carrie Moretti, Christina Petroni, Elizabeth Phillipp, Danette Riso, Kelly Scanlon, Nicole Serra, Kenan Wei, and Corrine Wu.
About the Company: The Actor's Project NYC

Assisting Actors Land Agents and Get Work through Quality Industry Showcases and Quality Original Plays!

Preview:   04/24/06
Open:   04/24/06
Close:   04/24/06

One Night Only! Monday April 24th at 8pm.
Theater:   Shetler Studios
Address:   244 West 54th Street (12th Floor) B
New York, NY
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