Genre: Drama
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by Anne Nelson, directed by Chris Jorie

"SAVAGES" is a play about war and its consequences, for both victors and victims—exploring the narrow distance between the two. It is set in the midst of the Philippine-American Conflict in 1902, a war that was a defining moment for the Philippines but has been almost forgotten in the United States. The play explores the situation through the eyes of four characters: the general currying favor with Washington; the Marine major on trial for war crimes; the green young recruit; and the Filipina, who is their closest human contact to an alien environment.

Cast: Julie Danao-Salkin, Brett Holland, Jim Howard, James Matthew Ryan
Preview:   03/08/06
Open:   03/09/06
Close:   04/01/06

Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm
Theater:   Lion Theatre @ Theatre Row
Address:   410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$18.00, students & seniors: $15.00
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