Genre: Drama
by William Shakesspeare, directed by John Basil

Shylock, one of Shakespeare's most eloquent antagonists fights for his dignity, his gold and the vengeance that outweighs them both. Enemies collide in one of the most famous courtroom showdowns ever written. This play is a masterful examination of complex characters who decry moral corruption in others and yet struggle to know their own.

About the Company: American Globe Theatre

 Founded in 1989, American Globe Theatre is the longest running classical theatre in midtown Manhattan. Now, in its' 20th year, American Globe (AGT) is dedicated to staging innovative productions of classical plays and to the development of new audiences through educational outreach. American Globe Theatre is committed to reinvigorating performance in contemporary American Theatre through the use of the First Folio technique, which originated with Shakespeare's own compnay of players and to passing down this legacy to a new generation of artists and students.

Principle Objectives:
-To produce works of theatre that inspire, intrigue, and powerfully impact the heart and mind by revealing universal human truths.
-To cultivate a thriving, self-sufficient community of artists.
-To introduce children to the power and possiblity of the spoken word and the use of creative imagination.
-To offer meaningful, high quality entertainment to "culture vulture" audiences in New York City, at prices they can afford.

Open:   03/16/06
Close:   04/08/06

Thursday-Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm

Gala Cast Party: Saturday, April 1. Tickets: $75

Theater:   American Globe Theatre
Address:   145 W. 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
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