Genre: Comedy, Drama
Three plays written by Federico Garcia Lorca, translated by Caridad Svich

A world premiere of Caridad Svich's translations of Federico Garcia Lorca's plays Buster Keaton Takes A Walk, and The Maiden, The Sailor and The Student. Impossible Lorca: A Theatrical Hat-Trick has been conceived and directed by Melissa Fendell and will include the two world premieres with Chimera as part of the Milk Can Theatre Company's monthly reading series Scene Herd Uddered. Impossible Lorca: A Theatrical Hat-Trick is three "miniatures" belonging to a collection of work which Lorca himself termed as "impossible theatre." A world where gravity is non-essential, stage directions seem unrealizable on the stage, where plot does not exist and raw, naked emotion is the only thing you can trust. Rooted in surrealism, these plays resist being straightforward, refuse to give any answers, but above all, leave themselves open to interpretation. In Buster Keaton Takes A Walk, we watch the famous silent film star negotiate a dangerous American landscape. Chimera exposes the painful goodbye between a man and his family. And finally, in The Maiden, The Sailor and The Student, a young woman prepares herself for marriage, struggling with the concepts of womanhood and doomed love. Directed by Melissa Fendell, with performances by Jeanne Harris, Sarah Lemp, Casey McClellan, Jennifer Perrotta, Larry Pontius, and Jordon Zolan. Sound design by Udi Pladott, costumes and set designs by Nadira Adams and movement by Aaron Cedolia.
Open:   03/06/06
Close:   03/06/06

Monday 7:00PM
Theater:   Michael Weller Theatre
Address:   311 West 43rd Street
New York, NY
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