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witten and diercted by Scott C. Embler

MCT's first Little Tales series begins with folk tales from North America including the Navajo Indian Tales of Coyote's Rain Song and A Handful of Quartz, The Arikara Tribe's tale of The Coyote and Turtle's Race, the Ottawa Tribe's tale of the Mermaid and the Waterfall and The Cherokee tribe's tale of Tricky Rabbit's Fancy Dancing. Using puppetry, masks, live action and plenty of audience participation, these performances are a perfect vehicle to introduce this

These productions are suitable for children ages 2-5.

About the Company: Manhattan Children's Theatre

Manhattan Children's Theatre is committed to producing affordable, high quality theatrical experiences for both children and families. It exists to ensure that the community has access to important works of Classic Literature and timely, poignant New Work, ultimately providing a live theatrical experience that encourages reading, critical thinking, curiosity of the world today and the world of tomorrow, as well as communication between children, their families and their educators.

MCT performances are made possible in part by the Manhattan Community Arts Fund/New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The New York Mercantile Exchange Foundation, The JPMorgan Chase Regrant Fund, a project of A.R.T./New York, The Peter J. Sharp Foundation and by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, with support from the September 11th Fund and The Trump Soho partnership.

Open:   02/21/06
Close:   03/29/06

Tuesdays and Wednesday at 11am & 2pm
No show on Wednesday, March 8th
Theater:   Manhattan Children's Theatre
Address:   52 White Street
New York, NY 10013
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Cost:$10.00 or Call: at (212) 226-4085
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