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This year's winter festival features the work of seven emerging female directors tackling both classic and new works. Throughout the three-week festival, directors will present a wide range of styles, from the classic prose of Shakespeare to a new work by Letitia Sweitzer, which depicts the comic story of Adam and Eve after their expulsion from Eden and life with their lesser-known son, Seth.

The full performance schedule is as follows:
Week 1 December 1-4:

Hell Hath Three Furies by Aoise Stratford, Directed by Nikki Rothenberg
Description: Mac, a Film Noir hero/villain is stuck in Hell for killing three dames...his wife, his shrink, and his girlfriend

Resurrection by Jean Hedgecock, Directed by Katherine Vecchio
Description: "She realized that, in her sleep, she had folded him into an origami bird, and he had flown out the crack in the window."

Week 2 December 8-11, Shakespeare Classics:

Antony & Cleopatra, Directed by Regina Robbins
Description: "Let Rome in Tiber melt, and the wide arch/Of the ranged empire fall..."
Henry IV, Directed by Destiny Lilly

Week 3 Decmeber 15-18:

Cancel the Arugula by Letitia Sweitzer, Directed by Aliza Shane
Description: The comic story of Adam & Eve after the expulsion from Eden, and their life with their lesser-known son, Seth. "Things have really gone sour since they ate the apple..."

Words and Ladders by Dina Gregory, Directed by Candace O'Neil Cihocki
Description: "Mistrust the use of words"; their meanings can be deceiving. There is never a way out if you are forced to go back every time...."
Testimony by Alix Sobler, Directed by Julia Martin
Description: "It's weird the memories you keep. The ones that give you comfort."

About the Company: Looking Glass Theatre

Reflecting Life on the Stage with Truth and Theatricality While Exploring a Female Vision and Creating a Community of Artistic Freedom

Our goal is to create a community of artistic freedom: freedom from the pressure to be commercial, freedom from gender expectations and freedom from judgment. We believe this is the way to bring our audience aesthetic bliss. Supporting inspiration without expectations gets creative juices flowing. This pure creative energy then creates the purest entertainment.

Open:   12/01/05
Close:   12/18/05

Thursday-Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 5pm
Theater:   Looking Glass Theatre
Address:   422 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019
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