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VITAL THEATRE COMPANY is pleased to present the 10th installment of "VITAL SIGNS," the company's annual new works festival.

A three-part series showcasing 16 new plays.

WEEK 1: December 1st-4th, Thursday through Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

One romance ends and another begins when four friends on their way to a wedding take a "RELATIONTRIP" by SHARYN ROTHSTEIN, directed by CATHERINE WARD. In "NORMAN!" by D.T. ARCIERI, directed by ALEXIS WILLIAMS, Norman is on an obsessive quest for truth about a lost dog, His funny and poignant journey ends with a revelation that changes his life. "PASSED HORDES" by MARK HARVEY LEVINE, directed by BRAD CASWELL explores all that is profound in life-perception, connection and the importance of really good hors d'oeuvres. A dying actress has her own remembrance of things past in "SORRENTO" by LUCILE LICHTBLAU, directed by Vital Theatre's CYNTHIA THOMAS. According to one really annoying mime, it's "ALL IN THE MIMING" by QUI NGUYEN, directed by ALEXANDRA HASTINGS.

WEEK 2: December 8th-11th, Thursday through Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

In "SANDLOT BALL" by MICHAEL JOHN GARCES, directed by MARY KATE BURKE, Eric has acquired a pirated copy of a new, unreleased, highly anticipated video game, which he shows off to all his friends. In "HARPER LEE'S HUSBAND" by THOMAS H. DIGGS, directed by S. CADEN HETHORN, reclusive author Harper Lee has finally landed herself a man...but he's actually a balloon. Friend and self-appointed historian Truman Capote relates the tragic chronicles of this unconventional marriage, illuminating one of the ... lesser-known chapters in the life of the literary genius. "LAST STOP: NEVERLAND" by JACKIE MARUSCHAK, directed by CHRISTOPHER FESSENDEN follows the author on her quest for Neverland. In "AMERICAN SOIL" by ELLEN MARGOLIS, directed by TERESA K. POND, a middle-aged man becomes obsessed with trees after the 2004 Presidential election. In "THE PRISONER'S DILEMMA" by MICHAEL WOLFSON, directed by MAHAYANA LANDOWNE, two women, both strangers to each other and detained without explanation, try to find something in their lives that could have led to their detention, only to find that their efforts lead to even more questions...until it's too late. In "GIBLET: A NIGHTMARE" by IAN FINLEY, directed by DAVID HILDER, it's an old-fashioned family Thanksgiving, where "pass the gravy" comes complete with seething hatred and paranoid delusions.

WEEK 3: ARTS PASS IN PROCESS December 15th-18th, Thursday through Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

"READING LIST" by SUSAN MILLER (OBIE winner, 1978 and 1998), directed by CYNTHIA CROOT, explores the adventure possible within a library full of texts that may soon be considered "unacceptable." In "NOTES" by KATE MOIRA RYAN, directed by MARYA COHN, it's Method acting meets Gulag when a Lifetime movie actress Maggie needs a little inspiration for her latest role and she calls acting coach Olga. In "RIDE" by ERIC LANE, directed by DAISY WALKER, things are not as they appear for two teenage girls working at a farm stand in rural New Jersey. In "SECOND KISS" by ANDREA LEPCIO, directed by STEPHANIE GILMAN, the question of teenage lesbian sex angst is answered at last. "PLEASE HAVE A SEAT AND SOMEONE WILL BE WITH YOU SHORTLY" by GARTH WINGFIELD, directed by LAURA JOSEPHER, takes place in a doctor's waiting room where two strangers sit quietly when something shocking happens: they start talking to each other.

About the Company: Vital Theatre Company

VITAL THEATRE COMPANY is a community of artists who believe that a shared theatrical experience profoundly affects people's lives. The company creates stories that challenge its audience to ask questions, make discoveries and engage in dialogue. Programming includes Vital Main Stage, which produces work for adults on the main stage, and Vital Signs New Works Festival, a series of one-act plays. Vital Children's Theatre commissions, develops and produces new musicals performed by adults for families. To date the company has seen 28 plays and musicals go on to publication. Vital Theatre Company's Arts in Education Programs have reached over 60 schools and 15,000 students through live performances, post-show workshops and long-term residencies with schools in! cluding Fordham School for the Arts, New Explorers High School in the Bronx and Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School.

Open:   12/01/05
Close:   12/18/05

Thursday-Sunday at 7pm
Theater:   Vital Theatre Company
Address:   2162 Broadway
New York, NY
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Subway Info: Take the 1, 2, 3 or 9 train to 72nd Street

Cost:$15.00, $10.00 Students and Seniors
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