Genre: Comedy, Musical
Deenie Nast's 30-Minute Special

Deenie Nast, Oscar-winner, Emmy-winner, 2-time Tony winner and international super-drunk, delivers her no holds barred, song-filled tribute to herself. After a 12-year legal battle with The Studio, Deenie recently won the right to perform as herself below 39th Street. Nast is back with a vengeance, singing the hits from her past, revealing very personal stories, providing commentary on some of her most famous screen moments and re-enforcing her
legendary status to modern audiences. Songs, film clips, gossip and general 'Nast-iness" will ensue! Featuring Aimee German as Minnie, original music written and performed by Travis Ploeger, written by Audrey Crabtree & Deenie Nast, directed by Eric Davis, Vidoe by Lynn Berg and Audrey Crabtree, Documentary by Charles Loflin and Audrey Crabtree

Cast: Aimee German, Deenie Nast, Travis Ploeger-Keyboard

Open:   11/14/05
Close:   11/14/05

Monday at 9:30pm
Theater:   Upright Citizens Brigade
Address:   307 West 26th Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$5.00 or Call: at 212-614-0505
Company: Upright Citizens Brigade         Official Web Site: www.ucbtheater.com