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Double Helix Theatre Company will present its' fifth annual ONE FESTIVAL featuring seven original solo show

CREATION is a solo clown show in the tradition of Harpo Marx and Bill Irwin, conceived and performed by Lucas Caleb Rooney, directed by Orlando Pabotoy, and produced by Ty Jones. CREATION is a physically raucous exploration of the creative process. Performances Wed. 11/16 @ 7:30 PM, Thu. 11/17 @ 9:30 PM, and Fri. 11/18 @ 10:30 PM.

JAZZ DESERT (The Life & Death of an American Band) is a tell-all trip into a ‘Behind the Music' special told by rock artist Rebecca Hart about the inception and demise of her band, ‘The Rebecca Hart Project'. Ms. Hart, whose debut solo album will be released in 2006, performs her original music as she narrates the band's adventures, tours, romances, and eventual breakup. Performances Wed. 11/16 @ 9 PM, and Sat. 11/19 @ 10 PM.

THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT, written and performed by comic Andrew Goffman, tells of his boyhood spent secretly indulging in his dad's extensive porn collection, and his subsequent struggle balancing his triple-X fantasy world with two non-airbrushed real females in his adult life: his wife and baby daughter. Charles Messina directs. Performances Thu. 11/17 @ 7:30 PM, and Sat. 11/19 @ 6 PM.

SOUL TO KEEP weaves the history and the present of the African American Experience with a DJ assisted backdrop of music using familiar characters like Harriet Tubman, all portrayed by Joyia Bradley. The show is directed by Joanne Zipay and features DJ Priest.
Performances Fri. 11/18 @ 6:30 PM, and Sun. 11/20 @ 1 PM.

WILD RICE is a cross-cultural comedy written and performed by Asian-American actor and playwright, Scarlett Lam, in the bitingly honest style of Margaret Cho. WILD RICE tells the irreverent comic coming of age story of a mother's obsession with inflicting Chinese culture on her New Jersey tomboy daughter who is neither a delicate geisha nor mysterious dragon lady. Performances Fri. 11/18 @ 8:30 PM, Sat. 11/19 @ 1 PM, and Sun. 11/20 @ 8 PM.

I NEED A GUY WHO BLINKS takes the audience on a whacky dating journey with performer and writer, Janine Squillari, through New York City's varied locales as she searches for Mr. Right - but ends up with a perfect dummy. I NEED A GUY WHO BLINKS speaks to anyone who defiantly chooses to be single." Performances Sat. 11/19 @ 3 PM, and Sun. 11/20 @ 6PM.

PENTECOSTAL WISCONSIN, a solo comedy with music, is Ryan Paulson's comic and autobiographical tale of religious ecstasy and bashful Scandinavians. The Canadian Broadcasting Company praised it as "a brave performance – and very funny...4 STARS!" PENTECOSTAL WISCONSIN, a twisted ‘Lake Wobegone' for the MTV generation is directed by Virginia Scott. Performances Sat. 11/19 @ 8 PM, and Sun. 11/20 @ 3 PM.

Open:   11/16/05
Close:   11/20/05

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Address:   354 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036
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