Genre: Classical
by William Shakespeare, newly adapted and directed by Glory Sims Bowen

Gender bended to highlight the modern issue of gay marriage, this new adaptation brings a unique insight to Shakespeare's original themes of mercy, justice, religion and government. Set against a fantasy world inspired from jazz and the red light district, this wonderfully inspired production features seductive dancing and vivid visual imagery.

Claudia and Juliet have been arrested for the crime of homosexuality - which is illegal in the mythical city in which the play takes place, punishable by death.Claudia has no where else to turn, but to her brother Iseabail, a young novitiate on the verge of joining the priesthood. When Iseabail pleads to Angelo – the newly appointed proxy for the Duchess – for Claudia's life, Angelo will pardon Claudia – only if Iseabail sleeps with him! Will the straight priest agree to the bargain to save his sister's life?

Preview:   10/13/05
Open:   10/15/05
Close:   11/06/05

Thursday-Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm
Theater:   Looking Glass Theatre
Address:   422 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019
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