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Theatergoers get rare peek at creative process in PRELUDE '05 Festival Sept 28-Oct 1
Previews of new works by Mac Wellman, Richard Maxwell, Radiohole, Elevator Repair Service, The National Theatre of the United States of America, Anne Washburn, Big Art Group, Mabou Mines Suite, Madelyn Kent, Builders Association and a dozen other contemporary theatre artists are among the those featured

20 short performances, readings and open rehearsals of new works by some of the most innovative artists who make unconventional theatre, including Black-Eyed Susan in John Jesurun's new THE WOMAN WHO LOVED TOO MUCH, a reading of Mac Wellman's new play BELLAGIO; OR OF ALL THINGS MADE OF METAL; OR WHEN GRADPAPA HAD DADDY SHOT, and Sheila Callaghan's new play DEAD CITY, an adaptation of James Joyce's ULYSSES.


Wednesday, September 28

Opening Panel Discussion
6:30 p.m., Segal Theatre
"NYC Theatre within a Global Context": leading artistic directors, companies, and members of the theatre community pose and discuss questions of how contemporary American work is perceived outside the U.S., and what gets produced. Speakers will include Vallejo Gantner (P.S. 122), Eric Dyer (Radiohole), and Paul Lazar (Big Dance Theater).

Followed by a reception at 8 p.m.
Cynthia Hopkins (of Gloria Deluxe) plays songs from recent and upcoming projects. _www.gloriadeluxe.com_ (

Thursday, September 29

Sheila Callaghan
2 p.m., Segal Theatre
Sheila Callaghan presents excerpts of her latest play, DEAD CITY, a loose adaptation of Joyce's Ulysses, which will receive a performance at New Georges in spring 2006. _www.sheilacallaghan.com_ (

Anne Washburn
4 p.m., Segal Theatre
Anne Washburn presents a staged excerpt from her newest play, I Have Loved Strangers, inspired by the book of Jeremiah.

Joanna P. Adler - Mabou Mines Suite
6 p.m., Segal Theatre
Joanna P. Adler collaborates with Ain Gordon, Rob Kaplowitz, Julie Anderson, and Douglas Langworthy on Franz Xaver Kroetz's Request Concert, which features a radio show with James Urbaniak as DJ and new music by over 30 playwrights and composers. _www.maboumines.org_ (

Lisa D'Amour
6 p.m., Elebash Recital Hall
Writer/director Lisa D'Amour presents an excerpt of a new solo performed by Todd D'Amour that imagines a present day Stanley Kowalski haunted by Blanche, Brando, and the very big screen; with video by Tara Webb.

Pavol Liska
8 p.m., Segal Theatre
Pavol Liska and the Nature Theater of Oklahoma present POETICS, an excerpt from a work-in-progress inspired by the Aristotle text.

Big Art Group
8 p.m., Elebash Recital Hall
Stretching the boundaries of film and theatre, Big Art Group, led by Caden Manson, gives an informal presentation of, and discusses, its latest work. _www.bigartgroup.org_ (

Friday, September 30

Erin Courtney
12 p.m., Segal Theatre
Erin Courtney presents a staged reading of her newest play, QUIVER AND TWITCH, directed by Sarah Benson.

The National Theater of the United States of America (NTUSA)
2 p.m., Segal Theatre
The National Theater of the United States of America presents excerpted readings and presentations from its newest work, exploring the lore and mythology of the ancient knight and crusader Abacus Black. _www.ntusa.org_ (

Madelyn Kent
4 p.m., Segal Theatre
Writer/director Madelyn Kent presents a staged reading of her play PENINSULA.

Division 13 Productions
6 p.m., Segal Theatre
Under the artistic direction of Joanna Settle, D13 offers a living draft of Erik Ehn's 16670 (Maximillian Mary Kolbe) through an open rehearsal. _www.division13.org_ (

The Builders Association
6 p.m., Elebash Recital Hall
Marianne Weems leads a hyper-lecture about the use of contemporary technology in the company's past and future work, including the upcoming Super Vision. _www.thebuildersassociation.org_ (

Elevator Repair Service
8 p.m., Segal Theatre
Elevator Repair Service presents in-process rehearsal sketches, with Susie Sokol, for a new piece in development. _www.elevator.org_ (

John Jesurun
8 p.m., Elebash Recital Hall
John Jesurun presents a staged reading of excerpts from his new piece, THE WOMAN WHO LOVED TOO MUCH.

Saturday, October 1

Ayodele Casel
12 p.m., Segal Theatre
Ayodele Casel gives a studio presentation of her tap quartet, THE DIARY OF A TAP DANCER, set to open in Washington D.C. in spring '06. _www.ayodelecasel.com_ (

Young Jean Lee
2 p.m., Segal Theatre
Young Jean Lee presents a staged excerpt from her new show, SONGS OF THE DRAGONS FLYING TO HEAVEN.

Jay Scheib
4 p.m., Segal Theatre
Jay Scheib gives a studio presentation of his latest work, THIS PLACE IS A DESERT, based on Antonioni's Red Desert, using live and prepared video stream and a high-speed camera. _www.jayscheib.com_ (

Richard Maxwell / NYC Players
6 p.m., Segal Theatre
Richard Maxwell presents an informal discussion about his past and upcoming work. _www.nycplayers.org_ (

Mac Wellman
6 p.m., Elebash Recital Hall
Hayley Finn directs a staged reading of Mac Wellman's newest play, BELLAGIO; or OF ALL THINGS MADE OF MEAT; or WHEN GRANDPAPA HAD DADDY SHOT. _www.macwellman.com_ (

Radiohole / P.S. 122
8 p.m., Segal Theatre
Radiohole will present rehearsal experiments from its upcoming work, A FIERY FLYING ROLL OR DICK, DICK, DICK, opening at P.S. 122 in April '06. _www.radiohole.com_ (

Big Dance Theater
8p.m., Elebash Recital Hall
Big Dance Theater present a sneak preview of dances for their newest work based on the mid-century Japanese novelist Masuji Ibuse. Discussion will follow. _www.bigdancetheater.org_ (

Tasja Keetman Exhibition
Throughout PRELUDEā€˜O5 in the Martin E. Segal Theater Center exhibition space
Recognized for the physical energy with which she shapes her work, PRELUDE '05 photographer Tasja Keetman brings a special exhibition of her latest

PRELUDE '05 Saturday Night Club Concert
10 p.m., Saturday October 1, secret location, to be announced, included in PRELUDE'05 Festival Pass. Without Festival Pass, ticket price $20. For ticketing, please call TheaterMania at 1-212-352-3101 or toll free 1-866-811-4111or online at _www.TheaterMania.com_ (

Open:   09/28/05
Close:   10/01/05

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Address:   365 5th Avenue
New York, NY
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