Genre: Solo Performance
performed by Negin Farsad

In Bootleg Islam, comedy award-nominated and critically acclaimed sketch comedian, Negin Farsad presents an unconventional perspective on her controversial homeland Iran. Sure women are "second class" citizens and enriched uranium lines the streets, but boy does this fundamentalist Muslim country make for some hilarious comedy! Drawing from her last trip to Iran for a wedding, Farsad combines comic monologues and impressions of family drama to compare oppressed life in Iran with her own Crate-&-Barrel-accented life in America. From witnessing lamb sacrifices to navigating third-world toilets, she uses her personal adventures and expertise in sketch comedy to give us a glimpse into this misunderstood Islamic world. Her high-speed time-lapsing montages result in an energetic look into Muslim life where she asks essential questions like "Does this chador make me look fat?" and, "How come this How come this Muslim country hasn't discovered Splenda?"
Open:   09/08/05
Close:   09/22/05

Thursdays at 8pm
Theater:   Tank at Chashama
Address:   208 West 37th Street
New York, NY 10018
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Cost:Call for ticket prices or Call: at 212-563-6269