Genre: Classical
by Euripidesm, adapated by W.S. Merwin

Iphigenia at Aulis has been described as one of the most human of the Greek tragedies. At Aulis, High King Agamemnon has gathered the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen, poised to strike at Troy. At Aulis, soldiers gird themselves to reclaim the unparalleled beauty of Helen and win everlasting glory. At Aulis, the wind has died. At Aulis, a prophet mutters of sacrifice, and the High King summons his daughter to camp with promises of marriage to the hero Achilles. Sacrifices will be made, marriages marred, and wars waged, upon the arrival of Iphigenia at Aulis. Written by Euripides in 410BCE and adapted with stunningly modern clarity by W.S. Merwin, Iphigenia at Aulis holds no one entirely innocent in its thorough examination of the lies we tell, the people we manipulate, and the sacrifice we make to go to war.
Open:   08/26/05
Close:   08/28/05

Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm
Theater:   Red Room
Address:   85 E. 4th St.
New York, NY 10003
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Cost:$15.00, $12.00 Students and Seniors
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