Genre: Solo Performance
A double bill featuring the solo works of Robin Goldfin and Aaron Petrovich

Cosmos/Ethos: From Bris to Abyss is composed of the solo works of Robin Goldfin (The Ethics of Rav Hymie Goldfarb) and Aaron Petrovich (A Cosmic Mishap in an Accidental Universe in America). In Ethics, a rabbinic lover of art question the misrepresentation of Jewish penises in art and finally reveals a deeper truth hidden beneath the canvas. Aaron Petrovich then awakens beneath the canvas of reality to an accidental universe organized entirely by chance in an impassioned monologue composed entirely of questions.

Excerpt from Interview:

What's your show about?

First of all, Cosmos/Ethos is a presentation of two solo works, so we're answering these questions together. In the first show, Robin plays a rabbi who loves art, God and his children but is unprepared to deal with a gay son, even though the rabbi does pay particular attention to the representation of penises in art. The play is the father's journey to love and accept his son: a little comic, a lot tragic—entirely Jewish. On the other hand, Aaron plays a man who is fairly well convinced that he would have stood a better chance with Jesus had Jesus farted in illustration of the human soul. Cosmic Mishap is an irreverent, relentless pursuit of meaning from a character who is losing a grip on tangible reality and trying to make sense of the purpose of living. Both shows, in fact, are irreverent, without losing compassion. It's a double bill ideal for anyone who is interested in exploring, along with us, the nature of the human condition. That's what drives us, anyway.

What's special about your show?

Cosmic Mishap is composed entirely of questions. We've never encountered a show like that—we don't think you have, either. We like questions. Ethics also asks plenty of them, with a Jewish intonation. And we're pleased to announce that it also includes a slide show of original watercolors by artist David Silverman, interspersed with images by Michelangelo.

What can audiences expect?

Audiences can expect passionate and compassionate writing and performances. We love the questions and we love language and out of them we make good theatre.

About the Company: Midtown International Theatre Festival

The Midtown International Theatre Festival, now in its eleventh year, celebrates the diversity of theatre.  The MITF welcomes theatrical storytelling across a broad spectrum of genres, forms, identities, cultures, and appetites.  The MITF seeks to nurture these new ideas, perspectives, and stories on its stages, with an eye set on guiding these productions toward future success and longevity.  The festival, traditionally held in summer, represents a fantastic, often paradoxical, adventurous and intriguing cross-section of the forefront of the theatre world.  The MITF proudly hosts production companies from across the country and around the globe, uniting talent in one of the biggest theatre capitals in the world.

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Open:   07/24/05
Close:   08/02/05

Sunday, July 24th, 1pm
Saturday, July 30th, 8:30pm
Tuesday, August 2nd, 6:30pm
Theater:   Where Eagles Dare Theatre
Address:   347 W. 36th St. ground floor
New York, NY 10018
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Cost:$15.00, $12.00 Students and Seniors
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Aaron Petrovich is a brilliant writer and performer who is a regular at the NY Solo Play Lab.