Genre: Comedy, Solo Performance

Hang on to your Freudian slips for a PSYCHOtherapy thrill ride! Join world-renowned, self proclaimed psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. (Self Proclaimed) for an evening of "hilarious," even "transformational" fun as Dr. Levy invites volunteers to her couch where, with help from her audience, she solves personal problems by giving very public advice. She may be out-of-network, but she's definitely in touch!

Dr. Levy invites audience members to the couch and helps them solve a personal problem in 13 minutes or less. Social barriers fall away as the Doctor and her "assistant" Jim diagnose and treat volunteer "patients" while encouraging audience call outs with helpful insights and suggestions. "Pretend it's like a sporting event." advises Dr. Levy. This unique approach makes for comical, and remarkably speedy, success in personal problem solving. The experience is, in large part to Dr. Levy's combination of wit and razor sharp insight, undoubtedly the most innovative synthesis of entertainment and human relationships ever brought to the stage. The audience bonds with the liberating spirit of having a stranger confess their problems in a productive, evocative environment, allowing the audience, Dr Levy, and patient, to laugh together. Psychotherapy Live!

Open:   06/16/05
Close:   08/04/05

Thursday at 8:30pm
Theater:   Lounge at Elmo
Address:   156 7th Avenue
New York, NY
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(at 19th Street)

Cost:$10.00 or Call: at 212-337-8000