Genre: Drama
design, direction, and text by Ian W. Hill

A world where the leaders lie, cheat, steal and murder. A world where Art and Science and Beauty and Reason are no longer valued. A world where survival means selling out, and trying to do the "right thing" means failure as a human being. A familiar place? Yes, of course, it is the fictional, 1940's world of film noir, nothing like our own present world at all, right? Right? Or has noir come true, and we're all living in a world gone wrong?

World Gone Wrong is a film noir pastiche-play consisting of dialogue from almost two hundred noirs, as well as quotes from our current U.S. Administration and other pertinent sources, combined into a semiabstract, dreamlike tale of betrayal, corruption, and revenge. A Fall Guy, poisoned and dying, tries to solve his own murder, bouncing from one noir icon to another, gaining clues, but no solutions. With his death appears The Detective (who may be just the Fall Guy's fantasy in his final moments of life) who strikes out at the murderers, eventually coming to the Femme Fatale and Gangster at the top, in a battle of a personal moral code against the institutionalized corruption masquerading as The System. Combining a cast of 21 in precision choreography, an entirely pre-recorded collage soundtrack, slides, and 6 Super-8mm film projectors playing original films and loops, World Gone Wrong is a celebration of the ability to stay true to, and fight for, one's own true moral beliefs in a land where "moral values" is just a mask that hides greed, hatred, fear, backstabbing, and lies.

Open:   06/04/05
Close:   07/02/05

Saturday, June 4th at 5:30pm
Tuesday, June 7th at 8:30pm
Sunday, June 12th at 3:45pm
Tuesday, June 14th at 9:30pm
Thursday, June 30th at 8:15pm
Saturday, July 2nd at 10:45pm
Theater:   Brick Theater
Address:   575 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Cost:$15.00, $10.00 Students and Seniors
Buy Tickets Online or Call: SmartTix at 212-868-4444
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