International dance maven Celine Bacque, fresh from recent extended residences in multi-disciplinary culture-blending in South Korea and the Democratic Republic of Congo, returns to New York to premiere a new solo work that burrows inward rather than out, coaxing us down a rabbit hole of half-forgotten family memories in search of a key. Sharing the program are Action Theatre guru Cassie Terman & Friends and a new duet by Rosario Ordonez Fuentes & Aya Shibahara.

EYE'S TRAVEL (an homage to my Grand-Mother)
Choreographed & Performed byCeline Bacque

This solo is not a new story but more a sharing of introspection through memory, travel, distance and emotion. A small light, more lights, an egg?, a birth?, movements, a road , a long road...but it is not ending yet as still questions are then what could I tell you? Dance is a transmission, a message, a key.

Action Theatre Improv
Created & Performed by
Cassie Terman and Friends

Terman and her companions play in a highly physical realm that includes sound and language to explore an often surreal and dreamlike, yet utterly immediate world together. Comic dilemma, the pathos of human frailty, passionate engagement and associative narratives are woven into a cohesive, wild, delicate, and unpredictable whole. Performances reveal human experiences that are archetypal and modern, intricate while steeped in simplicity.

Choreography and Performance by
Rosario Ordonez Fuentes & Aya Shibahara

Open:   06/03/05
Close:   06/04/05

Saturday and Sunday at 8pm
Theater:   CRS
Address:   123 4th Avenue
New York, NY
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Cost:$12.00, $7 Students
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