Genre: Drama
adapted and directed by Joanna Chan

Based novel by Dai HouYing, about the excesses of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Even those who lived through China's Great Leap Forward (1958-1961) could not have anticipated what would come next. The Great Leap Forward was an extraordinary scheme conceived by Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong to accelerate dramatically China's economic development. It led to an estimated 30 million deaths by starvation.

Using a handful of fictional characters based on her own experience, Ms. Dai (1938-1996) allowed a glimpse into the harrowing journey of the privileged class (the intellectuals) from youthful conviction and unquestioning commitment to Mao's vision of the utopia, through, in the author's own words, "the painful groaning of a twisted soul, and the sparkle of a living spirit in darkness," to a terrifying awakening to their own humanity."

The play views the Cultural Revolution through the eyes of three people in a love triangle: two men, Ho and Zhao, and a woman, Sun. Although they have the bonds of love and friendship and are united in the struggle for a new China, the Maoist system forces them into positions against each other in a sequence of horrible betrayals.

About the Company: Yangtze Repertory Theatre

Yangtze Repertory Theatre of America was founded in 1992 to produce works for and by Asian artists. Since then, it has become New York's most significant entry point for dramatic works from Chinese-speaking countries and a place of collaboration for artists from various parts of Asia.

Open:   06/02/05
Close:   06/19/05

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Sunday at 3pm
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