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Outside/Input is an exciting new laboratory series dedicated to the development of emerging and established artists. With 3 prior public work-in-progress presentations, Outside/Input gave audience members the chance to participate in the making of art, which provocatively
challenges the boundaries of performance. See the final work-in-progress presentations in the Ontological Theater this May.

Program A:
Friday, May 6th at 7pm
Saturday, May 7th at 9m
Sunday, May 8th at 7pm

"The Fourth World (suspendida)" Multi-media live installation: a woman packs her memories of war and hardships and immigrates to America.

Temporary Distortion
"Last Year, The Universe...It Came To Me In A Dream" Isolated in one of Temporary Distortion's signature box structures, a man and woman explore the memories of an unrequited love through blank stares, static dialogue, stillness and songs.

Program B:
Friday, May 6th at 9pm
Saturday, May 7th at 7pm
Sunday, May 8th at 9pm

"Days of Play" This is what happens when duck-duck-goose grows up and goes digital.

Temple Crocker & Annie Kunjappy
"veils/vestiges: the aesthetics of hidden things" Explores the metaphor of the body as a holding house, a complex and mysterious dwelling place that contains not only our expanding lungs and beating hearts, but the nuances of our dream life and the remembrances of our past.

31 Down
"That's not how Mahler died" Investigator Mike Sharpie falls prey to Alma Mahler's illicit darkening in a radio transmission event.

Open:   05/06/05
Close:   05/08/05
Theater:   Ontological Theater at St. Marks
Address:   131 East 10th Street (at 2nd Ave)
New York, NY
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Cost:$12.00, $20.00 for both programs
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Company: Chashama         Official Web Site: www.chashama.org